An unknown person whose name is unknown or kept secret: Police are investigating the death of an unknown man whose body was found yesterday. It is currently in merger negotiations with an unidentified competitor. Cockroaches which have not been identified are identified by the word "cockroaches". Not identified (not comparable). The wiki is dedicated to unidentified persons (those who are deceased or alive).

Current samples of unidentified from the web

Quoting an unidentified source diplomat said Andrew Kim, chief of the Korea Mission Center of the CIA, was delivering a letter from Pompeo to Kim Yong Chol, North Korea's chief ambassador in the talks. 12 of the CIA' s official report was published. A 17-year-old unidentified US national was arrested and is in the care of Dimmit County officials for the other car that tried to evade him.

One unidentified defendant was also killed and taken to an infirmary. Only a few weeeks earlier, an Al Jazeera detective reported to Manning's agents, Tom Condon, that an unidentified resource had claimed Manning had ordered the HGH under his wife's name. Hanson testified that Simpson and a second unidentified unsub in a gray Honda, after Toney's girl friend, who was out of tobacco at the tim.

This unidentified teenager was found in a house on Jelliffe, where he was towed by another man after the shootings, according to mobs. Researchers are looking for the unidentified burglar, seen on footage taken at the Italian cake in 4700 Cluster of Paris Avenue, said Police. The unidentified unsub escaped in a dark limousine, according to report by law enforcement.

The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to show the actual use of the word'unidentified'. Provide us with your comments. named, inscribed, specified; inscribed (or inscribed), tabulated, entitled; acclaimed, celebrity, famous, celebrity, celebrity, recognition, attention, remarkability, remarkability, fame, recognition; extraordinary; What made you look up unidentified? Receive World of the Day every day by e-mail!

Unidentified' samples.

Unidentified' samples These samples come from outside vendors. Another unidentified building was built in the southern part. In the room is a stranger who opens the doors to a doctor, a photo artist and the cops. They are neurotoxines and unidentified resin mainly found in the fruit. The non-sequitur is the sector of the chart labeled with the individual thoughts of one or more strangers.

Fish from the formations are lepisose def, which have abundant amounts of fish, and unidentified actinopteryx and teleostean. But the screen held its speed and within a few moments an unidentified mate picked up and resumed the fight. Secret Service reports that an unknown number of hostile planes were coming from the northern hemisphere. The induced are identified by a randomly selected group of listeners who have been identified by an unidentified group.

This unidentified lady, who was allegedly spiritually instable, was detained by personnel of the museums. Then, one of these days, the locals discover an unknown corpse that has been flushed onshore. And he also said that there is an unidentified nuke. On the way there, they find a burning vehicle with an unidentified cadaver.

Illegally identified or unidentified copies were then found in other museum. While the young characters are asleep overnight, they are haunted by an unknown mystic. Then there are myteors, nasty ghosts, omen, artillery, animal or unidentified man.

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