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World Heritage Yangon | The Career Service This profile was created by a group of interns who completed an internship at UNESCO in Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar in 2016 as part of the UNESCO internship program. The UNESCO has assisted me in developing an idea that I would be interested in implementing and various ways of promoting equal opportunities in teaching and helping them. Yangon has little efficient means of transport, so I had to take a taxi everywhere.

Together we went to various Yangon resort and enjoy the contemporary side of Myanmar (bars, karaoke and spas). As a general rule, the longer I remain in Yangon, the more I like it. There' are so many possibilities - from corporate investments to NGO programmes. The second major development was the delivery of English language classes for the Myanmar teenagers.

I' ve created the course plan so that they have a range of learning materials to help them better understand the world of work. I started the course on a face-to-face basis with Deutsch for Netzworking, where I assisted the student to create their own "verbal calling card" and learn an appropriate soft skills to make a good impact in the context of work.

During the remainder of the course, the focus was on account management, providing the student with methodologies for developing relations with corporate and private individuals and concluding with a seminar on how to deal efficiently with account issues and claims. At work, I walked up the steps to my offices and started working on the work I was working on, whether it was creating my presentation of my courses in England or doing research at foreign colleges that might be potential partners with the centre.

Finally I went down and greeted my three other UNESCO colleagues: two Myanmar wives and one Australian one. On many occasions during the course of the month we had the chance to get together with other members outside the offices - be it for a staff reunion at UNESCO headquarters, interesting trips to other educational establishments in Yangon or to other major cities working in the cities to see how we can network.

I had a great time dancing and I made many of my best friend through this group, which was a mixture of Myanmarers and expats like me. I learned a great deal about the land through this placement in Myanmar. I' ve loved many of Myanmar's facets - the lively cultural life, the excitement of my fellow countryside and the interesting food - to name but a few.

Burma has many of the thrilling possibilities I am now looking for after completing my Masters, but Yangon is a challenging world. Previously I had seen the UN as a largely unrelated and excessively administrative organisation, but now I have seen first-hand the extremely useful and important UN play in Myanmar.

There is no functioning means of transport in Yangon. Use caution with your meals, especially with the teahouses in Myanmar that are everywhere. Take your free moment to explore the other parts of Myanmar! Life near work can be useful because Yangon is huge and transport can be horrible.

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