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Nueva Granada Military Univeristy (Spanish: Universidad Militar Nueva Granada), also known as UMNG, is a self-financed, state-run, coeducational unit located in Bogotá, Colombia. It has 8 departments, 20 study programmes, 66 postgraduate programmes, 9 masters programmes, 44 diplomas and 52 research programmes. It provides some of the most important part-time degree programmes at home and abroad.

During 2005, the college purchased a 75 year old student college. In Cajicá, the third biggest location in South America, this 5 ha site will be used to establish new institutions for the college on which almost 30,000 pupils can be accommodated. The Nueva Granada Veterinary College also purchased the right for the student to free transportation to the Savannah school.

It began its full evolution in 1980, when Legislative Order 84/80 was enacted, giving the institute the status of a campus centre, a specific administration entity attributed to the Ministry of Defence. His management was established on the premises of the military school, the academics under management in an old building in front of Patria High School and the administration under management in the office of the military school of medicine.

The Centre was recognised as a campus under the name Universidad Militar "Nueva Granada" in the 12975 General Assembly of 23 July 1982. The ACT 30 of 1992, which regulates compulsory schooling, states in its art. 137 that the Universidad Militar "Nueva Granada", which offers higher educational programmes, will remain attributed to the relevant body - Ministry of National Defence - and in accordance with its Special Administrative Unit legislation - will work to adapt its higher educational system to the conditions of the above mentioned Acts.

Since January 1984, the Univeristy has been based in Bogotá, Colombia (carrera 11 No. 101-80), a strategically important area of the town, where a major finance centre is being built, as well as other defence facilities. Since March 2003, the ACT 805 has changed the University's juridical position by establishing itself as an independent institution of a nationwide order with a specific institutional structure, the primary objective of which is the academic assistance of the armed forces, the police and the defence sectors and of all its members, whether current or retiring, their family and the civilian population in general.

The New Granada Military University acquired a site near the Hacienda Riogrande in 2005 to build a new generation of Colombians to camp. In order to broaden and diversify accessibility to information, UMNG has its own publication such as the newspaper Neogranadine[3] as well as its own titles and magazines, which are made available to the population.

4 ] The University also has its own ward, which is open to the general population via the web and can be listened to daily on the website

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