Uk Visa Application Myanmar

United Kingdom Visa Application Myanmar

To download the registration form for printing and returning to us, click on the correct button below. The Myanmar visa for British citizens is quite easy and convenient. If you are in Romania or Great Britain), you must contact the embassy of the respective country. Useful information about the application process is available in our UK visa guide. In Myanmar, you should also check visa processing times when applying.

United Kingdom opens new Yangon Visum Antragzentrum (visa center)

As of Monday, June 15, clients can use the new VisApp Center (VAC) in Yangon, according to a press statement by the Yangon Foreign Office. Operated by the Embassy's trade partner VFS, the new center will make it faster and simpler for Myanmar clients to obtain their UK travel permits.

The advantages are more appointments due to longer opening times and a Monday to Friday customer support team. Via the text message services, clients can also keep up to date on the state of their visas. For clients who still want to get their visas and make reservations via the visa4uk website, there are no changes in the procedure.

However, an additional fee is charged to use this User-Pay-VAC, which is $92 in addition to the costs of the license. The fee must be paid in full at the time of filing the request.

Somebody help me! Travel Myanmar to Great Britain -Visa - Myanmar Forum

I' ve got an British girlfriend in the UK who has a Myanmar Yangon Myanmar based Myanmar girl who wants to come to the UK in August for a vacation. I would like to know is there someone who lives in Yangon who can tell me in Englisch how to get a visa for a Yangon based citizen of Burma?

Do you think you can submit your application online or maybe come to the British Consulate in Yangon more easily? I had to "sponsor and guarantee" a Myanmar boyfriend in the past, wouldn't it be best if I asked the British Ambassador? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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