Uk Visa Application Myanmar

United Kingdom Visa Application Myanmar

Find out why you need a visa before you travel. Every British citizen needs a visa to enter Myanmar. Burma Visa and passport requirements for entry to Myanmar for Americans, British, EU citizens, Canadians and Australians. Any fees indicated may be changed by the embassy concerned and are based on applications from UK passport holders. DAYANMAR VISAS: The following nationals do NOT require a visa:

Amendments to the British Visa Application Services in Burma

Currently there are no visa deadlines available at the British Embassy in Burma. It is a transient problem due to the opening of a new visa application in Rangoon and is not expected to take longer than two week. At the moment all dates in the visa application center of the embassy are full and we cannot yet provide dates in the new visa application center.

Urgently required visa holders can request their visa at the VFS Visa Application Center in Bangkok until the new visa application center opens in mid-June. Candidates from Burma submitted in Bangkok in the flesh will be given preference and we will try to handle these as soon as possible.

No extra costs arise for an accelerated delivery. Clients who have applied for a UK visa and are waiting for their visa to be returned can pick it up at the British Embassy until the new visa application center opens. Consumers should still search this website for further information and updating on the new visa facilitation.

Clients with questions about the services or their visa application should consult our International Enquiry Services - UK Visas and Immigration.

British Embassy Myanmar (Burma) - UK Visa Services

Myanmar (Burma) passport holders need a UK travel visa for tourist or corporate travel. 18- to 45-year-olds from Myanmar (Burma) can request a work visa for Great Britain. If you are succesful, you can work in the UK on a permanent or temporary basis. Ancestry visas allow people with a grand-parent from the UK to reside and work in the UK.

Outsourcing of Myanmar visa application processing in the UK

Yangon's British Embassy has entrusted its visa application processing function to an India-based visa processing company VFS Global, which will manage the visa application from a new Visa Application Center (VAC) in Yangon. In a declaration, the British Embassy said that the new visa application center, which opened on 15 June, will make it faster and simpler for visa seekers in Myanmar to obtain their UK visa application.

Visa requests to the British Embassy will no longer be considered after the move. For visa4uk visa seekers who still request their visa and make their booking through the visa4uk website, there are no changes in the visa procedure. There is, however, an additional fee to use this VAC, which is $92 in addition to the visa fee.

The visa and VAC fees must be in US dollars when the application is submitted to VAC. Visa requests will, however, still be handled and settled by UK visa and immigration personnel. VFS Global will not be involved in visa application or affect the result, the British Embassy said.

This new visa application center will make it easier for Myanmar visa seekers to obtain their UK visa.

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