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United Kingdom Travel advice: Myanmar

Shuan State ("North"), except Kyaukme City, Hsipaw City, and the train line from Mandalay to Kyaukme and Hsipaw. Myanmar, Asia and Oceania, No travel restrictions, News. A summary of travel advice for Australian travellers and expatriates. At Intrepid, we make operational decisions based on sound advice from various sources. Unfortunately, I have to say that this is mainly advice for women, but when they are in Myanmar, they do it like the locals.

Travel checklist - FCO Reiseberatung

As a reaction to the severe inter-communal violent situation in Meiktila since March 20, the Myanmar authorities have declared a state of exception in four townships: Bundeskartellamt advises against all trips to these four cities and advises UK citizens in the region to pay attention to further declarations by the Myanmar authorities.

UK Embassy officers are not permitted to travel outside Rangoon without Burma's government's approval, except to a finite number of travel locations. In emergencies, the provision of diplomatic aid may be reduced or postponed. Before you travel, take out extensive travel and health insurance. Favourite check lists for Myanmar (Burma):

Burma Report on risks

These travel alerts are designed to stay alert and alert during your trip to Myanmar. They should also shun the northern Shan state to the west. Journeys between Myitkyina and Bhamo in this state were limited to aviation only by the Myitkyina State.

Myanmar is at high terrorist peril, and earlier assaults have been directed at official building, mass transit and tourist areas. The danger of violence continues to exist in all ethnical states including: These limitations also apply to employees in overseas consulates - there are often limitations on travel outside Yangon without permission.

Myanmar's external relationships are tense from a historical point of view. There are a number of other dangers in addition to other vehicles that you must be particularly aware of. Outside the town, driving is usually on single or double-lane streets with many pot holes and bad illumination. For most foreigners, entry into Myanmar requires a valid 6 month or longer visas and passports.

Myanmar recommends that Myanmar users keep up to date with the latest booster models such as MMR. They should make sure they continue to be immunized against illnesses such as tetanus and polio, which are usually given as small babies. If you are not sure, consult your doctor before traveling.

These include urgent dentist care, as the risks of contagion are higher than usual. As a rule, you must make a deposit in advance to make sure that you have sufficient healthcare coverage. In Myanmar (Burma) there is a modest chance of Zika disease and dengue flu, both of which are infected by mosquitos that are not vaccinated against.

Use precautionary measures to prevent gnat stings. Burma may be subject to seismic activity as it is located in a seismic area. When you travel to Myanmar, make sure you know what to do in the event of an quake.

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