Ufo in Myanmar

Sailing UFO in Myanmar

"At first we thought it was a fight. UFOs" - "unidentified flying objects" - are often unsuitable because many so-called "UFOs" have been clearly identified as vehicles from other worlds. Cluke' s third law on UFOs. An UFO is seen on a busy street in Burma aka Myanmar. It is a list of allegedly cursed places around the world to be haunted by spirits or other supernatural beings, including demons.

UFO' crashing in Myanmar | Newshub

The sound is like something out of Donnie Darko - an airplane motor that falls from the skies, without a visible well. "At first we thought it was a battle," the villager Daw Ma Kyi said to the Myanmar Times, who named it a UFO - an non-identified fall. "I' m not sure what it is, because I' m not a specialist," U Hla Aung, head of the gov. said to the newspaper.

Whilst it looks like an airplane motor, Times administration officers said they didn't know what it was. If you look at a photograph of it published on Facebook, one officer said it was more like a missile boost than a turbojet. "Authoritative review," said U Zaw Myo Nyunt, assistant manager of the Kachin state administration.

Current broadcasts of Innovo in Myanmar

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ufo soighting jesterday on the outskirts of the city (poem) - Maung yu py - Burma (Myanmar)

An UFO spotted on the outskirts of the city last night. It'?s what they' re talkin' about. There are some who don't buy the call. It'?s the gossip in the city. Anyone who talks about it gets very serious. There are some folks who think about leaving this little city. As of this afternoons some campers are camping on the way around the outskirts of the city.

Now the outskirts of the city are getting party. Urgent meetings are convened by the small city' s safety officials. A number of respondents are campaigning for a ban on curfews on the outskirts of the city. An increasing number of avid drinkers. A few folks just stay in their houses and go on doing whatever they do.

To those folks, "When extraterrestrials come, they come."

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