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Regarding Wifi, most of uct offers free Wifi for students (eduroam). There is internet access/Wifi and landline connection (tenant costs). Please use your Eduroam login, see information about your Eduroam:

Plug your iPhone into the UCT radio network.

In order to establish your link to dduroam, you must first back up your machine and then establish an dduroam to use. Your machine must conform to UCT network guidelines before connecting to the UCT radio service: Ensure your machine has the latest OS or patch information (available through your machine's software updating feature).

You need to have an up-to-date antivirus application on your machine (there are many well-known applications for your portable devices). From the Settings pane, touch WiFi. Make sure WiFi is turned on. Choose the option dduroam in the section Choose network..... Use the" Password Entry" dialogue field to specify the following:

Annual Report IOL

UCT Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price said that the free services will be available to undergraduate and other legitimate members. Until now, free student and employee Web connectivity was only available via the Eduroam Wi-Fi network, which is only available near the campus and their homes.

It underlined that it is not only a task of governance, but that the civil society and the general population should have a central part in accessing higher learning, further learning and schooling.

How is it with Graca Machel resin? - Studying in South Africa / University of Cape Town (UCT)

Since I was in Graca myself and likened it to the other residencies, I have to say that it is certainly one of the "better" one. Although the fuller house's picturesque backdrop with its ivy-clad sides was expected, Graca unfortunately doesn't provide that, but it balances it out in almost every other way.

First, Graca is the most advanced residence, characterised by its cautious, appealing styling, with a large panoramic terrace overlooking the hill, a cosy, colorful living room with sofas and beanbags, a TV room, a three-storey workroom, a large utility room, and its own private bathroom, as well as a separate pantry and canteen.

Graca has its own restaurant, so the meals are generally better than those in other restaurants, which have to prepare for many more cooks. Graca's chefs are also extremely welcoming, making you more at home. A number of group, however, would dispute that Gracians woman out on any of the party being since location are single female at Graca time different person reseses person men and female eating unneurotic.

I did not find this problematic, however, as Graca is located on the lower level which could be regarded as a socially "hub", as there are a number of apartments, both masculine and feminine, within easy walk of each other. Every first year in Graca a room is shared with a flatmate, while the second and third years have their own rooms.

All rooms are the same for eight persons who share a bath and a cooking area. There' s a heater for warm running waters, a micro-wave and storage room, but there is no refrigerator, so this can be a thought when you come to the reserve. When you enter the room in Graca you will find an empty room with a large table, a double bedroom, a large table, a large bedroom, a large wardrobe, shelving and a washbasin with sundeck.

Soon this room will look much better once you've put your sheets and maybe some pictures on the pinboard. Regarding Wifi, most of uct offers free Wifi for undergraduates ("eduroam"). Graca also provides an available wireless LAN connection to your room to speed up your web connection.

The gymnasium is right next to the gymnasium, which offers UCT pupils free admission to the indoor sports area. The lower campuses are all within a few minutes walk of the high street where there are a wide range of stores such as Pick n Pay, Woolworths, KFC, Mc Donalds, Clicks, Nandos, Coco Wah Wah Wah (sweet café with tasty Choco Cake) and a whole range of other stores.

Only two dormitories (Smuts and Fuller) are on site, but that's nothing to worry about, as the college offers all employees and undergraduates free transportation in the shape of free shuttle coaches. This use also leads to the Cavendish, the Medical Camp, the Hiding Camp and the Astronomical Reserve.

You can catch the busses at Tugwell Yammie Center, about 100 meters from Graca. There is also good movement from Graca to the top campsite, as there is a wonderful panoramic trail from the bottom campsite through the centre campsite, which should take you no more than 20 mins.

Generally I found the folks in Graca very kind and there is a great help system that you can ask for help at any and all. This is a great way to get to know some of the residents and participate in many community events, which is an added value to the resort as well.

When you come to Graca, don't expect all the comfort of your home, but you can be thrilled and assured that you will live in what is probably the best place UCT has to provide!

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