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Receive the weather forecast for Dubai. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Weather UAE. Due to the weather, the UAE experiences all seasons: Jazzirat Das, U.A.E.

Live Weather Report from nearby weather stations. Wind, Waves & Weather Forecast Abu Dhabi Airport / Ab? Z?aby, United Arab Emirates for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing & Sailing.

Weather in the United Arab Emirates: frying hot in the Emirates

The UAE's rise in climate, with forecast experts calling the weather generally warm. In the mornings, Abu Dhabi achieved 35.1°C at a 47% RH. At 3.45 pm the highest measured price in the whole land was 47.4°C last night in Mezaira. Gentle to moderately strong breezes reach in the afternoons and can lead to dust in some areas.

For those who had a boat or angling excursion in their minds, the ocean motion has been reported as mild to modest in both the Omani and Arabian Gulf.

Weather in UAE: Temperatures up to 45°C today

Air moisture in interior and coast areas can be up to 85 percent. Today's weather in the United Arab Emirates will be murky and partially overcast in some areas, according to the National Centre for Meteorology. Jais Mountain experienced a clear skies with a minimal temp of 22.1 °C this mornings, while the maximal temp on Monday was measured at 44.8 °C in Saih Al Salem, the weather agency said.

On Monday, the max. temp. is expected to be 45°C and the indoor and outdoor air moisture content will be 85 percent. Weather will be similar until Friday and there may be a slow increase in temperatures.

The weather: Warm UAE days, hands-on quicksilver at 49°C

Lower temperatures this mornings were 26.3 °C in Ras Ghanadah at 5:15 am. Temperatures in the United Arab Emirates will generally be high and sometimes blurred during the days, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said. Noted over the land on Monday, the highest temp was 47.5 °C in Mezaira at 3:30pm, while the lowest temperatur noted this morning- was 26.3 °C in Ras Ghanadah at 5:15 am, the weather bureaux said.

It is predicted that some over a few areas to the east may become convex by the afternoons. Somewhat to mild breezes in general, sometimes refreshing in the afternoons. The wind turns from southeast to northeast, 15 - 25 km/h and reaches 36 km/h during the daytime. The prospects for the next two more or less the same, during the rest of the year generally warm, sometimes overcast and gloomy.

The wind is mild to medium, occasionally refreshing over some areas in the north, resulting in formation of wind drift and bad horiz. view over expos.

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