Two Weeks in Burma

For two weeks in Burma

Best there is to see, the most important sights. I and my friend are going to Myanmar in November. Myanmar is still the undiscovered'pearl of Southeast Asia'. Some spend two weeks wishing for more time. Golden Triangle is a place steeped in history, once filled with rumors, myths, drug trafficking and rebel armies.

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Hi, it's my first tip to Myanmar with my man (we're both in our early thirties) and we're a little bogged down whether we should go to Ngapali Beaches or Inle-Lakes. There are only 2 weeks in Myanmar, with flight via Bangkok to Mandalay and from Yangon. While we wanted to spend 2 overnight in Inle Lake and 2/3 in Ngapali Beaches, we thought it might be too much travel.

We' d love your advise or your hints if we should really go to both or if you find one better than the other. I suggest both, the big 4 (mandalay-bagan-inle-yangon) plus ngapali strand is just great for a ridgetimer. next try maybe bay, gold skirt, haan, mawlamyaing, ngwesaing strand, again 2 weeks.

Using 2 weeks of scheduling, you can enjoy both Inle Sea and Ngapali Strand, should be just the right one. Don't be worried, I have suggested the number of working hours that are sufficient in each destination. A 2 night stay in each place will give you only 1 full weekday which is not enough for most of those places, even if you fly, this will consume up half a full year.

I have never been to Ngapali on 4 journeys to Myanmar, have I missed anything? Two full day in each place and then in between will be 14 da. Select either Inle or the shore, not both. Three-night stay in Inle and the sea is very commercially with stalls for souvenirs everywhere.

There is not much to do after the cruise, except to see the temple, museums, markets and vineyards. In Yangon we had 4 full day in an astonishing town, 3 in Mandalay were just right. Don't guess 2 overnight stays in each place as described above--too much travel whenever you want, which will limit your exploring the cities.

There' is a lot to do around Inle, too many folks just go for a stroll on the pond and then say there's nothing else. They can go to Sankar if the waters are not too low, that is the sea just down from Inle, not many visitors come there as it is about 3 hrs per way and a little more expensive.

Secluded 5-day market that hardly any visitors see. Do you just go to Myanmar or is it part of a longer journey?

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