The Twantay Township is a township in the Yangon region of Burma (Myanmar). Unexpected trip to Twante. It is the best accessible delta city of Yangon and is suitable for a nice half or full day excursion. I tried to find more information on how to get to Twante by local ferry. Out of Yangon, the delta region is the city of Twante, where the "Oh-Bo-Ceramic" is located.

A trip from Yangon to Twante

This was towards the stream I had driven, an area that was still unknown when I explored the town. It turned out to be a rather unindustrial wilderness of yards, custom houses and humans who seemed to do both formal and informal work. However, I discovered a boat that took me across the stream to the less metropolitan area.

Half of the boat seemed to consist of travellers and half of those trying to make a profit to the travellers. And even the passenger seemed to be carrying goods intended for possible sales. When I landed in a small town on the other side of the riverbank, I quickly found the core activity of the locals - outreach.

At the end I hopped into the back seat of a pick-up full of local cars, which drove to another city named Twante. I' m trying to be a pretty friendly guy, but I got to starting a match in the lorry. They seemed to calm down, but they took it upon themselves to make my trip more comfy.

It looked like a funny indigenous event at first, but it was really hard. At least thirty of us were squashed in the trunk of this car and every single occasion you thought it was full, more folks were somehow cramied in. When the lorry hit the dust streets, we were all pushed as far as we could when there was little room to get tossed in.

However, we got there and the annoying placed lady with her knees smiling the whole lesson pulled the van over so that I could get off at the impressing pit stop at the beginning of the city. It seems that Twante is known for its potteries, and there were a number of interesting work-shops.

As if a human had learned the greetings incorrectly and the error had been spreading virus-like via Twante. After a while I took it as a keyword and resolved to say good-bye to Twante and go back to Yangon. Now, they make their slippery entry into the story because of a young man named Kyawsoe, who made his appearance rather cool on the back of a motorcycle.

In order to escape the torture of the pick-up, I had asked for a boat directly to Yangon, but they had said to me that today nobody drives anymore. As Kyawsoe was stopping, I was looking for more options and began to chat in pretty good English. and asked if anyone was going down the creek.

So, he asked me to take the motorcycle to the boat I got this mornin'. Naturally he wants some travel expenses - after all, he was a motorcycle taxicotor. It was Kyawsoe who chose that he liked me and took over his friendship.... a regional excursion was part of the way back.

and it was only half the timber footbridge that Kyawsoe said there were serpents in it.

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