Turkkilainen van

Terkilainen Delivery Van

Turkish Van / Turkkilainen Van Turkish Van is a semi-haired race (category II) thought to live near Lake Van in Turkey. MPVs like to travel, leap and discover everything within their grasp. A lot of MPVs like to get. It is characterized by the Van colour sample, whereby the colour is limited to the pig's forehead and tails and the remainder of the female is puree.

Defaults allow points outside the tip of the penis to be coupled to the tip of the penis. Even though the classical van colour is pink and brown, the colour may be one of the following: pink, brown or turtle, or any diluted (cream or blue) or agouti (tabby) of these. Turkey delivery van fur is regarded as half-long haired.

Whereas many males have three different kinds of fur - waxed, awning and downhaired. This van has only sunflower-hairs, which makes the fur look like Kashmir and dry quickly when it' s soaked. The Lake Van is a temperate area and the cat has developed a thicker fur in cold weather, with a large frill and a bottle brush tip for the hard frost.

Fur is lost in hot summer. Turkey Van is one of the bigger cats. Cats are of moderate length and their hind limbs are slightly longer than their forelegs, but neither the cats themselves nor their limbs are so long that they are disproportionately long. In the mid 1980s, the first Slovenian delivery trucks arrived in Finland.

Currently there are about 500 trucks in Finland.

Turkish Van Cats

There are five Van kittens in Turkey: a young woman, two boys, one castrated man and one castrated one. Micke (SP, EC, TICA SGCA FIN*Ipekkedin Birinci Bebek) is a red-white Turkic van. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 he was'The best Van of the year in Turkey' of the Vangora Kennel Society of Finland and in 2007 he was also the best Van of the Vangoran Kennel Society of Turkey.

A little too thin like a full dog, but the judge liked his trimming and his very muscled bod. Mikke's fur is completely pure and amazingly smooth. Mikke's family tree can be found in the Vangoran database: click here. Birth in 2005, she is reddish brown and knows her dad.

She' s, like her dad, very tied to me, follows me around the cottage and mows. She may not be as smart as her dad, but at least as much fun to be with. In 2009 she became Super Champion in Latvia and became'The best kitten of the year 2006' of the Vangora kennel association in Finland.

She had her first offspring in early 2008, the second in 2009 and the third in 2011. The Mimosa family tree can be found in the Vangoran database: click here. Birth in January 2008, he is reddish brown like his mum Mimosa and his swedisch dad S*Lejongapet's Anton Antabus.

He doesn't like other men around him with all his masculine secretions, but comes well with female and just LOVE kitten. The Miro family tree can be found in the Vangoran database: click here. Mizka ( "SC FIN*Semiramisin Gadiel Girgin") is Mikke's second. Its dam is FIN*Semiramisin Rana, monochrome Turkic van.

Rana and Miska's lovely temper is very much like his mother's. Gabriele Miska was borne in March 2008 and grew up with FIN* Katinhännän European Shorthair. Mika is a very open and energetic person. Mika and his dad Mikke are best buddies. The Miska family tree can be found in the Vangoran database: click here.

The Miira family tree can be found in the Vangoran database: click here. Mistus is a medium-longhaired, monochrome domestic cat. The Miisu was a short-haired, silvery tortoise tattered cat with a householdcat.

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