Tunstall Piper haven

Piper Port Tunstall

It' compatible with all Communicall and Piper. Combined Haven door locking systems. Made by Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd. It is compatible with all Piper Control Center devices.

Little story

The year 2014, 20 years after Emergency Response was founded, is a look back into the past. There' will be a great deal about the story of Emergency Response over the next few month, but this mornin' I thought I would tell some of the story of Tunstall. Only a few businesses have a story of expansion like Tunstall.

These are some of the landmarks in Tunstall's history: Born in 1957 Tunstall Byers is founded as a TV and radioshop in Askern near Doncaster. In 1966 Tunstall develops the world's first Warden's Intercommunication Call System (WICS). In 1974, Talkback was introduced, the first Guard Call system to allow Guards to receive phone call during a visit and the first system to use AMN (Automatic Monitoring Network) to send alarms over the PSTN.

Launched Mark I, the first monitor center solution to process both distributed and grouped alerting. In 1982 Piper Solo, the world's first public safety system, was introduced, enabling individuals in each house to call for help in a simple way. In 1986 the PNC2 Monitor Center was introduced, the first real-time multi-tasking measurement center.

In 1990 Piper Haven, the first call system to combine call and gate opening, was introduced. Years later Tunstall was accredited to the international ISO 9001 certification for the development, production, implementation and maintenance of emergency call centres. In 2000 Tunstall began developing a line of cordless transducers.

/2001 Tunstall buys Emergency Respond! The first telemedicine solution that allows the patient to control their own health values and clinical conditions at home was launched by Tunstall in 2001. In 2011 Tunstall will partner with Birmingham City Council to offer a tele-care responses for up to 25,000 individuals over three years - the first tele-care responses program of this size.

With offices in more than 30 counties, TODAY Tunstall has nearly 2,000 employees and its goods and service protecting and strengthening 2.5 million employees around the globe.

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