Tunbridge wells

The Tunbridge Fountain

The Royal Tunbridge Wells is located on the northern edge of the High Weald. Big savings on hotels in Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK online. Heavy>holiday away from the bustle and the hectic

"By and large, I wish I had remained at Tunbridge Wells," says Mr. Dryden in Lawrence of Arabia. And we think you'll be happy to have remained at Tunbridge Wells! It was called The Tunbridge Wells. Nowadays, this historical and enchanting city is the place where the bright minds go for their holidays or short breaks!

Queen Anne spent years visiting the city, but when Queen Victoria made the city part of her normal vacation, the city of "Royal" Tunbridge Wells emerged in the broader Tunbridge Wells area. From all the places you can visit in Kent, this is the ideal stopover between London and the coast, whether you're riding, biking or taking the trains.

Whatever the conditions and Kent of all places, Tunbridge Wells is as thrilling as it gets to be the finest city and state. The view over Tunbridge Wells Common was compared to the "view over a coast cliff" in the "happy, undulating, well-shaped" city of Royal Tunbridge Wells (Kent Life).

There is a vibrant livescene of pop culture throughout the entire area, including rocking, operatic, classical as well as jazzy in woods and park, audiences, hotels as well as dining and the renowned Forum. When you' re feeling adventure, scale the quaint sandy cliffs near Royal Tunbridge Wells. As most of the part of the county is an area of exceptional natural beauty and is littered with old church and dry house buildings, there are many ways to enjoy the British countryside that inspires big names such as Thackeray, EM Forster, Chagall and Tattershall Dodd I. Spend the night in Wealden towns, typically British towns, with Ententeich (duck pond), a pub, roasts and abundant festivals (you'll find morning dances, baby carriage races, ass drives and of course barrow demonstrations!).

You can also post in the classy Regency Town Royal Tunbridge Wells in The Pantiles, next to Chalybeate Spring, where Dandys used to doze. At Royal Tunbridge Wells you must take the self-guided Heritage Walking Trail and get inside information about the intriguing story of the city. In so many mansions, landscaped areas and parklands it is simple enough to enjoy your moments of scheming in the secret passageways of old mansions or in the large orchards.

Made simple: Easily accessible, easily booked!

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