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A True News Information Team statement: The Myanmar Armed Forces investigates supposed Rakhine cruelties

Myanmar's Myanmar Army says it is examining its operation in the violent Rakhine state, where the United Nations has charged forces with conducting an ethnical purge against Rohingya Muslims. Over the last seven-week period, more than half a million Rohingya have escaped from Rakhine to Bangladesh, and have shocked the world with reports from Myanmar and Buddhist groups who murdered and raped civilists before burning down their communities.

They have unshakably rejected the accusations and insist that they are directed against Rohingya fighters who assaulted policemen and killed about a decade of guards on 25 August. They have also obstructed sovereign entry to the war zones, thereby provoking UN conviction, which has blamed the military for conducting a systemic expulsion drive for the Moslem population.

According to the declarations published on Friday, the armed services are now getting ready to release the results of their own in-house inquiry into the war. "An investigative force headed by Inspector General Lt-Gen Aye Win is investigating intelligence personnel and armed services (to see whether or not they are performing the tasks they have been assigned," said an Armed Services True News Information Telemen.

Whilst the most serious massacres have subsided in recent months, the forces are still operating in Rakhine's fire-damaged northern region - an area that has now been drained by most of its population. A Saturday military report said that in Maungdaw, safety officials continued "clearance operations" after they found a handmade mine near a mosque in Zin Paing Nyar town.

Notice the pole Rohingya fighter for putting the explosives. Myanmar's armed forces governed the mainly buddhistic land for five centuries under a violent regime until it began the process of sectional democratic rule in 2011. During its relentless rule, the armed forces were largely abhorred by the Myanmari, a term of office characterized by innumerable accusations of violations and complete exemption from punishment for warriors.

However, his recent anti-Rohingya drive has garnered considerable backing from a Buddhist community that thinks that the Stateless Islamic minorities are irregular migrants. He has pushed this idea forward with Facebook postings on a daily basis, which describe the Rohingya as "Bengalese", without claiming to be living in Rakhine, despite its long regional-rooted population.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's civil chief, who came to office in free election in 2015, has no command over the war. However, their reputations have been damaged by the crises, and right-wing groups have expressed indignation at their perception of a reluctance to sympathise with the Rohingya and their reluctance to denounce supposed acts of atrocity committed by the armed forces.

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