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What is your Internet Service Provider? Are you satisfied with the price of your Internet package? But the Internet speed can be slow, especially in rural areas. " They call us Bengali and say we emigrated from Bangladesh, but that's not true. Myint Khine is founder and CEO of Myanmar Internet Exchange (MMIX).

Myanmar True Net Wireless Internet Service Provider

It sells most of the broadband from one of the largest ISP' s in Myanmar. Tru Net provides very appealing volume-based packets (with one daily volume). It is one of the most appealing web sites in Myanmar (also in comparison to wireless carrier datagrams ), as we will learn in a forthcoming article.

Technologically, True Net uses WiFi Point to Multipoint in 5Ghz like most WISPs in Yangon. With the number of Yangon Internet Services Providers (ISPs) increasing, the risks of a deterioration of services on WiFi wideband acces. When subscribing to one of the city' s Wi-Fi providers, make sure their support is responsive and supportive, you may need to call them from times to times.

At the moment the True Net is only available in Yangon. Real net pricelist: True Net will charge a lump sum of 100,000 MMK for setup costs. We strongly advise True Net to request a pre-investigation with a detailed offer to prevent unpleasant surprises after installing. True Net is fully paid in full, you must prepay your subscription charge.

There are two methods of paying with True Net: Learn more about True Net: If any of the above information is incorrect or inaccurate, we ask any of our providers to do so. We do not aim to advertise one ISP against another, but to be the most precise and comprehensive information resource on the Myanmar web-marketplace.

Real Internet Data Center

Founded in April 2003, True IDC is the premier datacenter and clouddesk solutions company in Thailand. Now True IDC has several datacenters in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. Since its inception, True IDC has earned customer appreciation and confidence and is currently extending throughout the ASEAN area to meet the increasing demands of corporate travel.

IDC is committed to applying the highest possible data center facilities and environments to ensure the level of dependability and efficiencies needed. Our goal is to develop a vibrant e-business, promote business expansion and make a better world for all.

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