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Tropics are also called tropical zone and torrid zone (see geographical zone). Tropics encompass all areas on Earth where the sun touches the zenith, a point directly above sea level, at least once during the solar year (that is a subsolar point). Tropics are regions of the earth that lie approximately in the middle of the globe.

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Trees are a part of the earth that surrounds the equator. These are limited in the degree of latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere at 23°26?. 6? (or 23. 43687°) N and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere at 23°26?. Tropes are also called tropic zones and horrid zones (see geographic zone).

Tropical covers all areas on earth where the sun touches the vertex, a point directly above sea level, at least once during the sun year (that is a point of subsolar). Considering that the tropical region is different from the other climate and biomatics areas of the world, the mid-latitudes and the Arctic areas on both sides of the Ezbekistan.

Tropes get more rain than higher widths. "Sometimes tropical" is generally used for a tropic weather to be all year round with the feeling of luxuriant bush. A lot of tropic areas have a drought and rainfall. Riny or rain seasons or the verdant seasons are the seasons of the year, which ranges from one or more month when most of the year' s mean rainfalls occur in a area.

4 ] Areas with rainy periods are spread over parts of the tropical and subtropical regions. 5 ] For the tropic climatic zones, the Köppen climatic rating means one rainy period in which the mean annual amount of rain is 60 millimeters (2. 4 in) or more. 6 ]Tropical rain forests have no technical drought or rain period, as their rainfalls are evenly spread over the year.

In some areas with a marked rain period there is an interruption in the mid-season when the poles of the Intermediate Trog or Intermediate Trog are in the midwarm season;[8] the characteristic flora in these areas varies from humid, seasonsal rainforest to savannas. If it rains during the hot months or in summers, it mainly takes place in the early afternoons and evenings.

It is a period in which fresh water and fresh water qualities improve and plant ing grow significantly, resulting in delayed harvesting. There is an increase in the occurrence of malaria in areas where the rain period is coincident with high temperature. Unfortunately, the preceding drought led to a lack of nutrients during the rain period, as the harvests are not yet ripe.

Areas within the tropical region, however, may not have a tropic atmosphere. According to the Köppen climatic classifications, a large part of the area within the geographic tropics is classified as "dry" (dry or semi-arid) rather than "tropical", among them the Sahara, the Atacama desert and the Outback. The tropic is home to the indigenous flora and fauna of the world.

The ecosystem can be made up of rainforest, coastal rainforest, coastal rainforest, arid (often deciduous) forest, prickly forest, deserts and other habitats. In many cases there are important areas of biological diversity and bio-diversity, especially in rainforest and seasons. A few instances of important endemic diversity and eco-systems are the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, the rainforest of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the Amazon regions of several southern African lands, the arid hardwoods of Madagascar, the Waterberg biosphere of southern Africa and the northern rainforest of Madagascar.

In many cases the soil of rainforests is poor in nutrients, which makes them very susceptible to slash-and-burn farming methods, which are sometimes an integral part of migratory farming. Biogeographical studies divide the oceans into paleotropics (Africa, Asia and Australia) and neotropics (Caribbean, Central America and South America). Together they are sometimes described as pantropics.

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