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Town of Tropea is located in the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria, southern Italy. Calabria's Tropea has one of the best beaches not only in Italy, but also in the Mediterranean. The Tropea Ristorante Italiano is a jewel in the center of the city. Trapea is a beautiful seaside resort in Calabria, southern Italy. Discover the holidays in Tropea and discover the best time and places to visit.

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Tropea Group ( Italien pronunciation: It is a renowned seaside resort located on a cliff in the Gulf of Saint Euphemia, which is linked to the continent by a small stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea, to the southward with Vibo Valentia and to the north with Ricadi and Capo Vaticano. Tropea's story begins in ancient Rome, when Sextus beat Pompey along its coastline Octavius.

The Romans had constructed a trading harbour in the town of Formicoli (from the name Forum of Hercules) in the southern part of Tropea, which was referred to by Pliny and Strabo. According to legends, it was Hercules who, after his return from Spain (Pillars of Hercules), was standing on the coast of the Gods and made Tropea one of his harbours.

Because of its special location as a seaside patio, Tropea was an important destination in Roman, Norman and Anglo-Aragon periods. The Norman Tropea Cathedral contains an image of the Virgin Mary of Romania, of Romanian origins, painted around 1330. According to legends, a ship from the Eastern Roman Empire (hence the name Virgin Mary of Romania) was blown into the harbour of Tropea by a tempest.

On the same evening the town' s archbishop, Ambrogio Cordova, dreamt of the Virgin Mary who asked him to remain in Tropea and become her protector. Finally, the runner called the high civil servants and the townspeople together, and together they went to the harbour to make the image of the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady pledged to protect the town from plague, seism and battles, and many incidents that have occurred since then seem to confirm this. The Bishop's dream of the Virgin Mary came several occasions and warned him of an earth quake that would destroy Calabria. The bishop set up a repentant parade on 27 March 1638, in which all the Tropeans took part.

Tropea's inhabitants were also rescued from the 1783 earthquake in Calabria, which was much more powerful and much more dramatic than the preceding one, which affected all of Calabria. It was an occasion that reinforced her dedication to the Virgin Mary of Romania and the inhabitants of Tropea declared her to be the protector of Tropea. Tropea was bombed during World War II, but the six Tropean weapons that dropped on Tropea all dropped into a hollow and did not explode.

A special type of bulb is produced in many towns around Tropea. They are so popular in Italy that the Tropea bulb has become an iconic term for all kinds of black bulbs. Tonino in Corsica, one of the city's gelatinisers, even makes a small fried egg of green olives (as well as others using octopus oil and nnduja, the locally spiced salami).

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