The TRISA Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of toothbrushes, hair and body care products. TRISA Group is a Swiss consumer goods company specialising in the manufacture of personal care products such as oral care, hair care and personal care. Tooth brushes since 1887 At TRISA, we manufacture state-of-the-art, professional designed mouth hygiene solutions. Our extensive product portfolio meets all the demands of today's mouth hygiene. In all TRISA provides about 20 different types of tooth brushes, which are tailor-made to the customer's needs.

Teeth whiteners, brushes for inter-dental cleansing and tooth brushes for kids of all age are just a small part of TRISA's broad assortment.

More than one million teethbrushes produced according to the most stringent standards are leaving our manufacturing plants every single daily. Many years of collaboration with the world's top dentists and academia have resulted in the creation of the highest standards of toothbrush science. Efficient toothbrushes are designed with efficient tooth cleansing and toothbrushing.

To ensure that we can continue to continue developing mouth hygiene at the highest level in the dental industry, we are committed to recognizing our customers' needs as early as possible.

Trademark TRISA, OEM toothbrushes, Private Label toothbrushes

Today TRISA is an important worldwide provider of mouth, head and neck hygiene and personal hygiene solutions. Our state-of-the-art product portfolio meets every need in the field of mouth hygiene. Besides hand mouth hygiene, we produce electric mouth hygiene as well as dental interdentistry equipment.

By working together with major colleges and through extensive research, we are gaining a better insight into the topics related to the design of our product range. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best possible brushes with high benefit for everyday dental hygiene. We are the world' s top players in many markets thanks to high-quality Swiss-made goods, committed sales and, last but not least, our highly qualified staff and business alliances.

We are known as an innovative and technological pioneer in the field of mouth care thanks to our innovative approach and many years of collaboration with the world's top dentists and academia. The brushes are made in Switzerland according to the strictest standards of sophistication.

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