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BIplab Deb BJP Govt cited ex-CM Manik Sarkar's stance of suspending wireless web service in a huge failing to disciplin his own ministers and rumorists. The Tripura BJP Govt has prolonged 24 hour more web surfing in Tripura until June 30th. Ex-Minister & CPI-M MLA Badal Choudhury has met the BJP Govt web ban and said that this mess was caused by Minister Ratan Lal Nath and BJP campaigners.

"It is no longer a mystery that BJP campaigners have spread the rumor and an important part has been played by Minister of Justice Ratan Lal Nath. The way Minister Ratan Lal Nath frankly informed the press that the renal was stole, the renal can be contraband, etc. and Chief Minister Biplab Deb also captured Minister Ratan Lal Nath's melody by speaking about Indo-Bangla Boundary Seal and all these rumors," said Badal Choudhury TIWN.

Choudhury also said that there was no need to block the web for so long, as there is no municipal matter at all, but they should take control of the laws and order.

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An Uttar Pradesh salesman, a music instructor, a tramp and a handicapped lady were killed and at least 20 persons, among them railroad officers, labourers and wives, were attacked by mob attacks on Wednesday and Thursday in Tripura during various outbreaks. Trypura Lynchen: The dead man was named Zahir Khan (30) of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

The Biplab Kumar Deb has also approved the creation of an 11-member Foundation Board, with the Regional Judge and Collectors, DFO, Gomati and SDM, Udaipur as members, according to an announcement. Tripura's two great tributaries, Gomati and Haora, flow below the hazard line. The determination of a young tripura group to keep Kokborok in a regime where speech is confronted with quiet music.

Bilplab Deb has according to reports been subpoenaed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making conflicting statements. CM Tripura Biplab Deb said, "....had the same young people, instead of chasing down political groups that built up a payshop, he would have had a account status of 5 Lakh's in the meantime." As my mom, I have a lot of regard for all women," Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb said to journalists.

The Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb's commentary came just a few weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned BJP leadership to stay out of controversy and not offering a "masala" to the press by making unaccountable remarks. New Aayog deputy chair Dr. Rajiv Kumar added that the moment has come to start Udaan-III, which is to link all capital cities of the northeast.

BJP last months sweeps the Tripura meeting election and ends 25 years of CPD in the state with 43 out of 59 seatings. But they need a permit and we will not allow anything illicit, says Biplab Kumar Deb.

Regarding the Tripura joblessness crisis, the Prime Minster said that despite a level of illiteracy of more than 90% in the north-east of the country, joblessness is an important area.

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