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It is one of the least visited townships in Yangon and it is not because of its unspeakable name. Admire the legendary Golden Rock Pagoda, one of the three holiest sites in Myanmar, on this private guided day trip from Yangon. The cycling tour concentrates on Yangon, while we offer another day trip around Lake Inle. Day Tours and Excursions in Yangon. Locate and book Top Yangon Day Tours, view BeMyGuest's reviews and photos of tours in Yangon.

Canadian Yangon Top 10 Day Trips & Excursions (w/prices)

Discover the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - The Golden Rock with our expert English language guidebook and see this wonderful Golden Rock that shines with brilliant colours..... Trip to Bago, one of the old capitals (formerly known as Pegu) in Myanmar. We have a bi-lingual staff that offers you the best tourist guidance and the best.....

Myanmar's biggest and former capitol, Yangon, is the most frequent point of entrance to the state. From Yangon you leave today at the Yangon hotels, after 2 hours you reach Bago (84 km from Yangon). A hike gives you a new adventure and takes you to the historic and rural places of Yangon.

Located a rock from Yangon city centre, this renowned city was a favourite Portuguese harbour in the early seventeenth cent. Breathtaking views from the... On this trip we drive to the station of Yangon and take a half days round trip to get to know the way of life of the locals.

We begin our trip at 09:00 o'clock..... This unbelievable Yangon trip will allow you to discover the wonder of Myanmar's heartland and the former capital Yangon City, where you can unleash the cultural..... Golden Rock is one of the best places to make your best impact on Myanmar after being about 4 hrs from Yangon.

Not only get to know the Buddhist spirit, but also explore the area around Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock). Explore the delights of Bago, a beautiful 2-hour drive from Yangon, on a 1-day trip with an expert guides. Cruise the busy Nanthida Jetty to Dhala across the Yangon River.

Journey through the streets of the village of Trinishaw to see and interactively enter the fair..... Yangon, a wealthy cultural and intellectual legacy, is one of the most intriguing towns in Southeast Asia. Have a walk in the centre of Yangon to.... Explore the centre of the old part of the capital and walk through the colorful court building of Mahabandoola Park and the townhall.

Visiting a souvenir shop with an expert cook. The full-length tour begins with a tour of the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is the picture of Myanmar or the watcher picture of all humans. Visiting U Kant's house, .... The Thanlyin City (Syriam), an old commercial center founded in the 14th to sixteenth centuries by Arakan monarchs, a temple constructed by missionaries from Italy, is still used for.....

Travel on the Yangon Circular Railway through this varied area. Your Bago trip begins at ShwethalYaung Temple, which is home to a magnificent 55-meter-long lying Buddha. Make a brief stop in a near Mon district, a..... On this full-time trip we are visiting the city of India, the Chinese city and the National Musem to see the typical clothes of the major groups.....

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