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Yangon Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon): Welcome to the Home Hotel. This hotel was received as part of a tour package and we were very satisfied with the service provided by the staff. Locate hotels near Inle Lake, Myanmar online. Book online at the Royal City Hotel.

I' ve got to know about the power. What...

Hello Portland_OregonGrrrrrr, we have built-in general purpose outlets in the rooms and the power supply is 220V. Having a great quality of life, don't let the cameras go. Hello, I think they're using the UK connector. Low-cost adaptors are available with the UK connector and various connectors. An all-purpose adaptor is a good return on your money - one for all.

Well, I found the normal U.S. plugs in the good hotels in Bpurma. To be sure, you can go online and order a specific set of adaptors only for Burma.

Surprisingly Great - Lahpet, London Traveller reviews

Dear, oh, dear, dear, dear! I' m getting ready to write a reviewer after a few visits with my relatives and my boyfriend. This shrimp dumplings is really tasty and tasty with chickpeas in it. We had a great time with my mother and I hope to come back with the whole of my whole household so they can really appreciate Lahpet!

We' re enjoying our meal. It' s my favorite! At first Lahpet came as a stand at our regional fair and was pleased to see that they had opened a place to dine. It' all tasty, but the highlight is the tealeaf lettuce - I'd go there just to have that! Dinner was wonderful and the place itself has a great atmosphere.

Have you been to Lahpet?

Bangkok cuisine - Mandalay, London Traveller Refresh

On a whim we went to this place after we went to the centre of London. I' had eaten'Burmese' once before in Australia, but it was obviously nothing to try to be authentic, so I was very interested in trying proper Myanmar cuisine. I would say that if I had to describe Myanmar cooking to someone who hasn't tried it yet, it's a kind of mix of Indian and Thai, but so much more than that.

This meal is totally tasty. I' ve given the ambience a 3, just to indicate that the eating room is laid-back and not luxurious....but the welcoming, supportive staff makes Mandalay a very enjoyable place. Though all meals are made to order, it fortunately never lasts long before they reach us!

I was just at Mandalay's and had a good meal..... with very nice services, but not really a trip through Edinburgh to get there. We had a very quick meal and we had a great conversation with the waiter, although she was really buzzing with the people.

It' s casual, very nice and awesome. Both we had nutrition listed above and 7 beers, and the bill was £42. Slimm down beer each are very cheap at 2.25 and the nutrition was about £26. Terrific services, great cuisine, great value. At first glance you may be surprised: there is no place for a gourmet lunch or a commercial lunch...... the tightly packing table and piece of wood are made of plastics / formal, table cloths of plastics, and the meals are laminate..... so it has more the feeling of a fat coffee shop with spoons than a place to eat.

The only things that reveal the story are the tourist pictures, the bookshelf full of Burmese text books, the great flavours and the personnel themselves..... It is a very good meal, difficult to describe, but it is a kind of crossing between Thai and Thai, with some Hindi clout. The takeaway is very much loved here and the constant flow of local people taking a meal on a Fridays evening is proof of the qualitiy of the cuisine.

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