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The Tripadvisor Bathroom Restaurants

This Italian restaurant is also open for brunch, lunch and dinner. Eleven totally violent (and hilarious) TripAdvisor ratings from Bath restaurants. TripAdvisor has become a platform for publishing ratings of properties, restaurants, tourist sites and other travel-related companies since its founding in 2000. The Bath Chronicle last months said a downtown cafeteria had chosen to defend itself after getting a criticism that the chefs found particularly unjust.

These are some of the most violent (and funniest) ratings from Bath's series. The critic was not struck by almost all aspects of his journey to Burger King. "KFC closed its only bathroom cafeteria early this year and this critic will certainly not miss it, especially after being asked to clear up someone else's mayhem.

" That critic has made a harsh judgment about Prezzo's slice. "Although Nando's was known for its chickens, it did not meet this expert's expectation as they fought to feed on what was offered to them. "To keep this critic from coming back to Jamie's ltalian, a shrimp disappointment was enough.

" TripAdvisor-classical. The critic did not even try the meal because they had to sit in the gourmet burger kitchen for too long. "Horrible and expensive meals, worthless personnel, dirty bathrooms, shitty tunes and expensive beverages. "As TripAdvisor ratings go, this of Pizza Express is short and concise and to the point.

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Fred Mawer, Telegraph Travel's Bath specialist. Queensberry Hotel's cellar canteen, the olive tree, is a gently illuminated, discreet setting with naked wooden desks and is one of the best places in Bath for an elegant meal. Located on the groundfloor of a beautiful town house in Georgia. Featuring naked wooden desks, button-back banquets and paneled or open stonewalls, it looks appealing and reduced like Scandi.

It is best enjoyed by the outside patio table and the many panniers on the large grass area. Dining is the other big attraction - the Hase & Hund is one of Bath's top gastro clubs. Keeps things in the shape of homemade hamburgers, seafood and French fries, bacon, steak, Sunday roast and glutinous fudge and marshfield icecream.

There are half a dozen small front and back bars where you can eat or, Wednesday to Saturday evening and Sunday noon, up the steps in the easy but beautiful dinning rooms. This cosy place offers the best of the many pleasant cafes in Bath.

Throughout the day you can enjoy savoury, classical buffet breakfasts (served until 15.30-16.00) and interesting baked sweets on Bath's Top Baker's Bertinet loaf. At night you can enjoy a choice of imaginative pan-European walnuts - perhaps a goujon of solstice with apples, fennels and appetizos, or a small choice of main courses in a typical chicory style henhouse.

There is a bit of Bohemia in the ambience with a view of a street, bald wooden desks, bentwood seats and a few fancy murals on the wall. The Nepali cuisine in the cellar of a town house in Georgia is thoroughly genuine. Dinner is delicious, with dishes in brassy dishes and high-framed metallic platters.

All the most coveted desks are next to room-high doors with a view of a peaceful back alley. One of the most stylish and civilized cafes in Bath, this is a favourite place for the indigenous women to have their lunches. Situated in a room above Paxton & Whitfield on John Street, this little tappas restaurant offers the best in Bath.

It is run by two Galicians, although the courts come from different parts of Spain. Bookings are necessary on most nights to get one of the eight small, high desks, but you can also dine at the hotel where bookings are not possible. The prizewinning North India food is presented in breathtaking georgic splendor.

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