Trip to Burma from India

Journey from India to Burma

We have arranged weekend flights from Yangon to India for you. Become one of the few Westerners to venture to the northeast of India for remote tribes, the Horn-bird Festival and the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park. Journey to Burma with the experienced guides of Mountain Kingdom. These are documents the Indians need to cross the border between India and Myanmar. Journey to India, our top destination for religious educational trips.

Trip to Burma from Mumbai - Yangon (Rangoon) Message Board

As about Calcutta Yoga with Air India? thanks for your suggestion ý I checked and there is only one flights per week. And dont give any value for money!! if this fly is canceled - one is sticking for a full weeks! looks like the delhi-bangkok York on multi-carrier engines it has to be..... i have checked on the same thing over 1000 $ for a round trip..... i dont understand why. the removal is not far...... my card is 1300 for us to Cambodia.... my card is for us

Is Myanamar accessible by car from India? Is Myanamar accessible by car from India? No, the Burmese frontier is sealed on the side of India. But if not, as an Indians you can traverse the frontier for a days or two. The Biman Bangladesh Airline, which flies from Calcutta to Dhaka.

He flies once a weeks from Calcutta to Rangoon on Monday and from Rangoon to Calcutta on Tuesday. I' m leaving for Yangon on March 16 and will be back on March 24, 2015.

Myanmar via overland journey to India

This hilly and powdery road from India to Myanmar is one that few have seen, but you can now take this trip to discover a stunning and cultural wealthy part of Myanmar by passing through Kalaymyo and on to Monwya and Mandalay. Lodging: Do you want to prolong your trip to Ngapali Beach or the impressive Mrauk U area?

This can be arranged by our agents along with any other travelling, lodging or activities you have. In order to receive rates for this trip with luxurious accomodation or base accomodation, please fill in a request in the box "Further questions" when you send the reservation request below (link).

Estimates may change due to changes in petrol costs, local fares, US$ currency conversion and the Christmas bonus. 1 ] per capita in low seasons (May-September). Bigger groups are paying less per capita, individuals are paying a higher rate.

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