Trip to Burma from India

Journey from India to Burma

A taxi can be hired from Imphal to Moreh and then cross to Tamu on foot. When you arrive in Tamu, you can take a local bus to the nearest major city of Mandalay. Everyday plan and expenses too! Keep the printout of the E-visa until the end of your trip. New Myanmar Bike Tour is marked with a blue line.

A 7 day trip from India to Myanmar: Getting a Visa, Tourist Tractions

Unfortunately, what most of us are forgetting is the presence of a much more beautiful and less researched nations further up, Myanmar, which lacks all that the above nations have to offer. However, this is not the case. Be it on the beach, at night clubs, in a hotel, in a healthful blend of city and countryside, Myanmar is everything an experienced traveler needs in a new world.

So it' s a good idea to nail Myanmar to your global chart to think seriously about the Golden Land. To begin with, I would like to tell you more about how you can schedule a one-week trip to the Republic of Myanmar. What is the procedure for obtaining a Myanmar from India?

Myanmar is very simple to obtain, unlike most other states. Passportholders can either go to the embassy of Myanmar in New Delhi or get them there. Myanmar's embassy is at 3/50 F, Nyayamarg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021. You can also request a Myanmar International Airport visas at and collect your visas later.

What is the best way to get to Myanmar? All of your travel budgets depend on how you travel in the state. You have three options - one directly across the street, one directly over the plane, and the last one is a mix of the two. Right across the street: From India, you can reach Myanmar directly via the Strait of Imphal, the federal state' s main town.

There are two liaison towns, Moreh (on the side of India) and Tamu (on the side of Myanmar). From Imphal to Moreh you can rent a cab and then walk to Tamu. From Delhi to Yangon there are non-stop services that can be arranged for less than 9,000 per person if you book in advanced.

Partly via air and road: There are much lower fares between India and Bangkok than to Myanmar. It is therefore advisable to take a one-way to Bangkok first, remain there for a days or two and then fly across the highway to Myanmar. You can take a coach from Bangkok to Mae Soot (on Thailand's side), crossing the shelves to Myawaddy (on Myanmar's side) and then take a coach to Yangon.

When in Myanmar, you can take this week-long trip to get the most out of this wonderful state.

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