Trip to Burma

Journey to Burma

Someday I want to go to Burma. Truthful and easy to understand travel advice from locals, travelers and Burmese experts. Myanmar Tour (Burma) with the leading tour operator for mature Americans. Guided by an experienced local guide. Select a link from the left menu to access a.

Best of Burma (Myanmar).

Top 10 Clues Why You Should Come to Myanmar in 2016

Myanmar was taboo for Western travelers until recently. Bagan, embedded in the verdant Mandalay area of Burma, is home to a huge sanctuary that can compete with the splendour of Machu Picchu and Hampi. Everyone who has been to Bagan will tell you that the best way to see the old Mandalay sanctuaries is to climb the scenery in a hot air ballon.

The Australian Brett Melzer and his Yangon-born spouse, Khin Omar Win, launched a unique hot air balloon over Bagan in 1999 and have shared the beauties of the countryside of Myanmar with people since. Acrophobic people who want to stay with both legs fixed on the floor will want to take another trip into the surroundings to experience the extraordinary view of these early dawn dominated by those scarlet hot air baloons.

Myanmar should be at the top of your agenda if you're looking for a cheap global game. Accommodation aside, eating like a Myanmar queen is easy. Curry and savoury soup are popular with local people. If you want to make the acquaintance of local people, you should go to Pathein. The Chaung Tha is the place the natives go when they want to chill out, enjoy playing on the beaches, have a drinks and trigger off a firework display in the afternoons.

Among these relic are the Kakusandha wand, the Ko??gamana fountain, a part of Kassapa's garment and eight locks of Gautama's skull. When you' re looking for something off the well-trodden paths, you won't find a more lush scenery than Burma's jungle-covered lime stone tops, interrupted by secluded convents and ancient relicts.

For most backpacker tourists, a two-day hike around the stilted Inle Lake village is a great adventure; drive deeply into the Shan Highland or south to Hp-Pan for stunning overviews. Given that overseas property investment is seeking to evolve the country to keep pace with tourism demands, it is only a question of getting this once pristine country to become fashionable - Myanmar has welcomed more than 5 million travelers in the last year alone.

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