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Today known as Myanmar, this diverse nation is home to impressive Buddhist relics and the Shwedagon Pagoda - here are our personal recommendations on how to plan your trip, find the best accommodation and where to eat. The best private tours in Myanmar. Here is how to travel Myanmar with some helpful travel tips and a recommended route for beginners. Planing a road trip in Myanmar could be fun!

Guidebook to help you planning your journey to Myanmar - travel guides

When you are fortunate enough to be able to plan a journey to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, you are indeed very happy. Burma may be one of the impoverished and least advanced nations in Southeast Asia, but it has quickly become a coveted traveler' s paradise - especially as everyone is eager to see first-hand what the formerly secluded country looks like.

When you plan to travel to Myanmar, there are a few things you should know to help you plan a better journey. Though a year-round tourist attraction, the best period for a vacation in Myanmar is the cold months (October to February), when the temperature is cooler and there is little or no precipitation.

Burma can be very bustling during this period, so make sure you schedule your trip well in advance. 2. The advantage of Myanmar's visits during the warm or humid seasons is that fewer visitors and therefore lower fares can be expected. During the rainy period there are short but intense rainfall, especially in the afternoons, which seldom interfere with travel and bring Myanmar's luxuriant scenery to live.

From May to early October, Myanmar is experiencing months of monsoon and fierce winds. Together with the high air moisture this is not the best season to travel to Myanmar, as it makes traveling very uncomfortable. Myanmar's tourist industries are still new, so there are still not enough places to stay during peaks. Prevent narrow timetables; domestic may seem like an effective option to potholes, but timetables can be changed without prior notice, so allow enough air travel when you fly back to Yangon.

Bagan is the most important travel stop in Myanmar. In contrast to the towns in the lower part of Myanmar, Bagan has no wet seasons and it is always warm and humid. When you have a long trip to Myanmar and don't want to hurry, you should spend a few extra nights.

The best thing to do in Myanmar is a boat trip on a boat, but they differ mainly in the itineraries and the canal. From Mandalay to Bagan, the visitor can enjoy the Irrawaddy's pristine nature, beautiful countryside and the way of the people.

Excursions are possible with expedited ships, while cruisers such as RV Pandaw, Road to Mandalay, RV Paukan.... offer accommodation in 2 days, 3 days or 4 days. andalay Hill. A Myanmar trip would not be completed without the exploration of Mandalay. Mandalay, Burma's last imperial capitol, is regarded as the heart of Burma's cultural life and also abuses the country's trading centre.

The Mandalay is a lively blend of English architectural colonialism, old buddhistic buildings and contemporary buildings. Mandalay, like other Myanmar towns, is home to many couples, as Theravada Buddhism is the dominant religious denomination in the state. You will be amazed at how many things there are to do in Mandalay. Around Mandalay are the remnants of the antique towns of Amarapura, Tagaing, Innwa and Mingun with many interesting sights and sights for a outing.

Myanmar's most pulsating town. Yangon is the first stop for most travellers to Myanmar. It is the biggest and most pulsating town in Myanmar. It is an astonishing place to be visited in many ways and you can easy go for a whole weekend or more to explore the town at a slow tempo.

India's roads, the Chinese and Burma's sublime townships, the beautiful Shwedagon, vibrant market towns, quiet seas and countless convents.... To get a glimpse of the city's rich historical culture and politics, choose a half-day or full-day guided tours with in-depth insights into the Myanmar and Yangon area.

Part of the reasons why you will like Yangon is how secure it is, as the powerful Buddha school and the stringent rules keep everything in order. Lac Inle is one of the most important touristic places in Myanmar. Around 70,000 residents of the Inle-See ( "Intha") are living in four towns adjacent to the See, in many small towns on the lakeside and by thesee.

During a full-immersion cruise is a worthwhile way to briefly experience on a temporary basis, you' ll be spending a few more and you can delve deeply into the inside of the intrinsic style of Intha folk and drench up the splendour of the nearby Shan Hill. Generally, most foreigners need an entry permit to travel to Myanmar.

Nationals of Brunei, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand (only via airport ) may travel without a valid travel permit for a maximum or fortnight. The Yangon Internacional Airport (sometimes also called Yangon Mingaladon Airport) is the first stop for most travellers, although Mandalay Internacional Airport has more and more flights.

Naypyidaw, the capitol, also has a number of foreign airlines. Burmese Airlines plane. It can be hard, but not impossible, to enter Myanmar by road. Shore travels to Myanmar are possible, but generally not advisable for those who might be deterred by long arrivals delay, abrupt closure of foreigners' checkpoints or changes in papers - all this may require a last-minute turnaround and alternate itineraries.

Currently, it is only possible to move around the country between Myanmar and Thailand. Arrival in Myanmar with your own motorcycle (motorhome, motorhome or motorcycle ) is subject to specific authorisation and must be escorted by a driver and sometimes a representative of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. When you have your visas and passports with a minimum of six month from the date of arrival, you should have no problems arriving in Myanmar, either by road or plane.

You do not need a connecting flight to Myanmar. Please be aware that Myanmar does not recognise double-nationality. Before arriving in Myanmar, you should obtain your visas from a Myanmar foreign diplomatic mission or counsel. You must present your passports with a current visas at all Myanmar airport, railway station and hotel.

Reciprocally, citizens of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand (by plane only) and Vietnam do not need a Myanmar entry permit for up to 14 day missions. Unión Of Myanmar Entry Permit. The Myanmar government on September 1, 2014 introduced an e-visa programme for travelers' permits.

It allows visitors to obtain a visas on-line instead of sending a physical application to an embassy or counsel. As a rule, visitors are informed within a few working hours whether they have received a visitor's permit. They must present the permit on arrival. As soon as a tourist is admitted to the site, the visas must be used within three month.

Visas can be issued on arrivals for people from 48 different nations when entering Yangon International Airport or Mandalay International Airport. A number of tourism websites claim, however, that the visas are either no longer available or not trustworthy on your return. Burmese Airways claim that foreigners from any country or jurisdiction can obtain a 28-day touristic entry permit on arrivals, provided they arrive on a particular Myanmar Airways International service from Guangzhou, although this is contrary to Myanmar Visas on Arrival.

Myanmar's emblematic language is Myanmar's Khat (pronounced "chat"). Myanmar kyats consist of 100 pya and are often represented by the symbols K or MMK. While the Myanmar administration has recently instructed Myanmar's financial institutions to adopt more than the original exchange rates, it is still not possible to reject or exchange perfection at a lower one.

You can swap them between the airports and the hotels. It is a good way to get cheated, especially in Yangon, where the shadowy coin changer often hangs around near the Sule Pagoda or the Bogyoke Central Market. Whereas once they had to provide the necessary funds to travel to Myanmar, today there are over 600 ATM' that accepts global debit and credit card transactions throughout the nation - although most of them are based in Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Bagan and Inle Lake.

Card holders can also cash in cash machines and use their credit card at a rising number of large points of sale such as banks, shops and retail stores. At present, only Visa, Mastercard (Maestro/Cirrus), China's Union Pay and Japan's JCB can be used; the largest suppliers of compliant cash dispensers are CB (Co-operative) Bank and KBZ (Kanbawza) Bank.

Use of ATMs in Myanmar is sometimes limited by an outage of the web. Currently, there are no multinational financial institutions in Myanmar, and municipal financial institutions are in the midst of becoming part of the multinational financial system. Here are a few important thoughts when you' re planning a journey to Myanmar.

  • Myanmar is hot and wet, which can help some Westerners get their tank and trousers out. It is important to bear in mind, however, that Myanmar is a Buddha state that is quite traditional when it comes to outfits. - Mujimara is a high-risk malaria land, so take insecticides with you.
  • There are almost no cash machines in Myanmar and very few facilities in Myanmar accepts payment via these. It is unbelievable and a surprise to travel to Myanmar. Myanmar, as in all nations, has its own culture and customs.

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