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Like in any country, you can travel as cheap or as expensive as you want. The best way to get around in Thailand is by far the motorcycle or moped. It was a great trip through Thailand. Here you will find advice and our top offers for your journey to Thailand. Have a look at our STA travel guide on how to get to and around Thailand.

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Averaging between 12 and 16 persons per group, all our trips are guided by seasoned, often native English speaking instructors who will take you off the well-trodden paths to places that are difficult to get to on your own. There is also some free travel to discover yourself on most itineraries.

In the following you will find a selection of the small group guided visits we are offering; for further information or to make a booking, call us or ask for an individual quotation. It is also recommended to read our 10 reason for a group trip.

The best way to get around Thailand - Thailand Message Board

Usually when you try to get somewhere in a timely manner, busses hit moves downs. Ziggurats are sluggish, often belated and almost always too belated, sometimes too belated. The busses leave on the dot and are usually on track. Since the riders often run high volume video clips, you will need earplugs when you want to be asleep.

This does NOT include "backpacker buses" - great value coach tours organised on Khao San Road in Bangkok or Chiang Mai or elsewhere. A lot of people have reported crowded, insecure busses with riders jumping on methy and someone in the baggage compartment taking passengers' belongings.

2-week stay in Thailand: Detailled Thailand itinerary and travel planer

I have traveled a lot in Thailand and it is easy one of my favorite Asian destinations - the friendliness of the locals, the great cuisine and the relaxing atmosphere make it a great one. I have already done a lot of writing about Thailand, but I have not yet made a proposal for a route to Thailand, as I have done for many other lands such as Sri Lanka, the UK and New Zealand.

Here you will find everything you need to know for the 2 best week in Thailand, incl. information about travel, meals, culture, budget, and more! Let us get a brief outline of our proposed route to Thailand before we go to the postal service:

Now we continue with the detailled Thailand travel plan for your two-week trip. In addition to the places mentioned above, there are a number of other places to help you plan your trip to Thailand! It' a great way to get to know the land, so get ready. The Wat Phra Kaeo, which is home to the Emerald Buddha, is generally considered the most important Buddhistic sanctuary in the state.

In Bangkok there is a great night life and some of the best roof bar in Thailand. I am also a big aficionado of the road cuisine, which is abundant, inexpensive and generally good to enjoy. So if you have some advice on how to stay fit when you have a meal on the streets, this is an exquisite guidebook on how to cook a meal without getting ill from my girlfriend Jodi.

While many of these stores have become more of a trap for tourists than a place where local people do their groceries, there are still some that are still definitely deserving a visit. There is an exquisite listing of some of the swimming fairs that are definitely interesting to visit in Bangkok. If you want to know more about how to avoid the usual Thailand fraud, please see the end of this article.

After all, Bangkok has many types of accommodations - see what Bangkok has to offer when you book. com here. During the Second Woridewar, the Japanese arrested and coerced thousand of prisoner-of-war Allies into building a railroad to connect Thailand with Burma.

Now, this was actually one of my favorite places in Thailand, and one that is often missed - people show up here for the death train, but then you don't discover the other rides. I wrote a whole contribution to the Kanchanaburi tour, but in short, take a full-time excursion to the dramatic Erawan Falls, go to the overnight fair, see the huge trees and go to a temporary grotto there.

Sundowns are beautiful, and unless you come for a week-end or another event, it can be a very tranquil and restful time. In Kanchanaburi there are many possibilities, just look at the review to see what kind of atmosphere a place has before it commits itself.

To Kanchanaburi the best way is by train from Bangkok, it will take about three at most. There' s only a few moves a train a day, so make sure you review the schedule before you leave. Out of Kanchanaburi I suggest to drive to one of the old capitals of Thailand. I have two major choices, Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, and on a short trip like this, I think it's enough to have one.

The old town of Sukhothai is more of a conserved urban centre, about 12 km from the new town. That is why I recommend Ayutthaya for this route. Once again I have a whole contribution to the high points of Ayutthaya, which should give you many suggestions for your attendance, as well as Tipps for accomodation and locomotion.

To summarize, you should have a look at Wat Phra Mahathat, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Chaiwattaranaram and Wat Buddhaisawan. If you are looking for your Ayutthaya lodging, see offers at reservation. com here. It' holiday season is now to drive southwards to one of my favorite places in Thailand - Khao Sok National Park.

The place is not well frequented for some reasons, but it really is different from anywhere else in the state. Founded in 1980, the reserve is a large artificial pond encircled by Thailand's biggest untouched rain forest. Visiting one of these is an absolute must for a visitor, although, as they only bloom for a whole weekend, you need to be very fortunate.

But my main attraction in Khao Sok National Park was the tour of the Seehaus. As you write, there are around 16 objects to chose from, all offering approximately the same thing - a range of swimming bungalow on the magnificent Cheow Lan Sea, where you are immersed in karst and wonderful jungle, where the sea is the ideal bathing area.

I would say that the Cheow Lan is the first of the priorities for every Thai tourist, that's how much I like it. In order to attend, you must make a reservation in advanced, as you must bring a vessel to the Seehaus. Overnight at Smiley's Shorehouse, which provided adequate lodging with its own bathroom.

If you are looking for a home that works for you, there are a number of sea home choices to suit your needs, so take a look and see what works for you. Bangkok also has mini buses from various places in Thailand and a coach and air transport services from Bangkok. Find out more about all of Thailand's available choices and make your reservation in time.

For more information about my thoughts about the visit to Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park and the Khao Sok Jungles, and for more information, see this article from another traveller how much Khao Sok loved it. Ok, from Khao Sok it's off to explore Thailand's beautiful shores for the last four outings.

Alternatively, you can continue along the coastline, either to Krabi or Ko Lanta, or further down to Trang, which is more loved by Thailand's tourist and has beautiful shores, easier beach links to calmer island and stunning sundowns. There are many possibilities and something for everyone!

There' s a great deal to do and see in Thailand, although most people seem to be moving towards Phuket and its surroundings. It' not that there is anything the matter - Thailand has beautiful beach and beautiful wheather - but there is much more in the land than many people see.

If the above Thailand route does not mark all your checkboxes, or if you are looking for a longer route (or just want to wrap it up!), here are some of my favorite Thailand locations you can add to your route. For less seaside fun and more hills, woods and sanctuaries, drive northwards into Thailand's hilly countryside.

There is a great overnight fair, probably the best smoothies in the whole wide open air arena, a beautiful sanctuary on the top of the hills, and if you like nature reserves, Doi Inthanon is not far away. Chiang Rai is located very close to the tip of the land, within the famous Gold Dreieck. It will take you to the east of Thailand, where far fewer tourists will go.

But it' rewarding, because this part of Thailand is completely different, with more Khmer influences, which means that the Temple has more in community with places like Angkor Wat than the others of Thailand. Indeed, Phanom Rung, my favorite of all Thai monasteries, was constructed by the Khmer empire before they constructed Angkor Wat.

But there is more to do than just go to a volcanic shrine. I would like you to know more about this part of Thailand in my article on Buriram, plus you should learn about Khao Yai National Park, which is in a similar sense and one of the better places in Thailand to see elephants in the great outdoors.

Sukhothai, as I have already said, is one of Thailand's old capitals and a UNESCO cultural heritages. It is a large building that makes it easy to stay here for at least one night, and as it is a stretch of road just south of Bangkok (7 hrs by train), it is only advisable to extend your travel plan if you are already on your way to Chiang Mai - it is a practical stop on the way.

During the Loi Krathong we attended, so please see the article about the visit to Sukhothai during the Loi Krathong for more information. Well-known for its islets, Thailand has an impressive array of paradisiacal palm-fringed choices to cater for. To say that the Similan islets are probably some of the best in Thailand is indeed a great thumbs-up.

Here you can find the experiences of other blogger with scuba divers on the similar islands and my thoughts on our two-day trip to the Similan Islands, which contains hints on how to get there, accommodation and estimated cost. Finally in my schedule of examining stock market opportunities is the municipality of Songkhla.

That was my favorite of all the towns we went to in Thailand, although it is not so well known to the tourist. It is located on the southeast coast of Thailand, about 1000 km from Bangkok, and has powerful Malaian and Asian influence. Songkhla is definitely a worthwhile place to go if you are looking for something else off the beaten track.

In this article you can find out more about my experience and suggestions for a visit to Songkhla. What does it pay to travel in Thailand? Thailand-Thailand is really a place where you can pay as much or as little as you want. They can get a personal room in the area of $5 - $10 per days, nutrition should not be more than $1 - $3 a food price, and then you have transport, drinking, sightseeing and beers ( around $1 - $2 a beers in general).

Obviously you can go mad and pay a great deal more, and if you have a tight schedule, you may be more likely to fly than use slow coaches, but overall Thailand can be reached with a total of $30-$50 a daily. But my boyfriend Matt has put together an unbelievably comprehensive set of Thai spending guidelines that you should definitely be reading.

Might as well go to Thailand. Thailand is a great place, especially if it is your first trip to Asia. It is an easy-to-travel land with kind and inviting host. Thailand has sightseeing activities for all levels. Another thing about Thailand is that although it is a very favorite spot, the vast majority of visitors are inclined to go to a small number of hot spots, such as Krabi, Phuket, and a few of the isles.

That means you can still go to Thailand and not get overpowered when you choose your sites smart. I' m going through a variety of choices in this review to give you suggestions for your trip, but first: What time should you go to Thailand? While Thailand can be a year-round destination, there are periods when the weather is more comfortable than in others.

The country has a subtropical atmosphere with a rainy period and a drought. When you travel more on a low cost, note that from November to March the rates will be higher, as this is the most favourite period for a trip and the rates will be slightly lower in the low seasons.

You have a number of ways to get around Thailand. They originate from large traffic junctions in municipalities and municipalities throughout the entire state and generally run according to a timetable. There are also long-distance services throughout the whole countryside, with night services as far as Chiang Mai and down the eastern coastline to Hat Yai and beyond.

Usually inexpensive and dependable rail services are available in different categories - see this great guidebook for more information. They can also cruise through Thailand, which is especially useful if you have a busy schedule and want to see as much as possible with minimum outages.

AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Thai Airways and Thai Smiles are among the available flight types. Here you can review and shop around for flight deals in Thailand. When you want to organize your trip through Thailand, I found out that the Rome2Rio scheduling utility compares all available alternatives to give you suggestions at time and cost.

Okay, to be perfectly frank, that would be a whole job in itself. Thankfully, Thailand cooking is truly astonishing and varied throughout the whole state. But in fact it is difficult to do something bad, almost all thailand foods are awesome. Here is a little more to read to give you some good idea (I said the meal in Thailand would be a mail in itself!).

From luxurious accommodations to backpackers, Thailand has something for everyone - and everything in between. The price varies according to the attractiveness of the place, although Bangkok is generally more pricey than the remainder of the state. They are not the least costly option in Bangkok, but both are great.

And in the remainder of the land we remained in everything from riverside homes to resort homes, from host families to upscale real estate. When you are looking for a place to stay in Thailand, you have a wide range to choose from, regardless of your current or future budgets. Here you can see the offers for Thailand. We' ve tried everyone else, and AirBnB always has the most choices for sites around the globe.

When you can't find what you want at AirBnB, or when you want to try new features, we have some great choices. You can find more suggestions in our article about the best alternative to AirBnB. Among these you should find the best rates and accommodation for your trip, as well as a good range of ratings and feedbacks to help you make an educated one.

It is not a very difficult destination to get to, and the population is very kind, but there are some things to consider culturally. When visiting a favourite Thailand seaside, it's not uncommon to see her swim in denim and T-shirt - wearing bathing costumes from the West is regarded as pretty unmodest, and going without or naked top is definitely a frown.

In Thailand, the royalty is almost a topic of taboos, since the insult to the king or the king's relatives is a good enough excuse to be imprisoned. All in all, however, we had a great experience in Thailand, found the locals kind and inviting and had no bad experience. If you want to see more Do's and Don't in Thailand, have a look at this great product.

Thailand has omnipresent WiFi hotspot connections all over the nation, usually at high speed. There is also great 3G and 4G cover all over the UK, with SIM as you go SIMs for very cheap rates. For a glimpse of what is available, take a look at this page, which list all payment as you go opportunities for Thailand, with a clear emphasis on pricing as well.

Thailand-USA uses a 220V system, so if you are coming from the USA, you need to be sure that your equipment supports this specification. Nowadays, most battery charging units turn off the voltage and you don't need to buy new battery charging units, just make sure that they are designed for 220 V on the battery-labels. Sagewise, Thailand has two kinds of confusing sockets, one with round bores that fits most Euro connector styles, and one two-pin connector that will fit a US two-pin male-on.

The best thing to do is to use a general purpose adapter and AC outlet to make sure you don't have any electrical problems. Thailand is a generally safer destination, but there are a few immunization regulations you should follow. Most of the tourism diseases in Thailand are usually caused by polluted waters, so it is generally advisable to consume bottling or sterilised waters and to prevent salads and icecubes (which are either rinsed or made with mains water).

Ragweed occurs in Thailand, but usually only in isolated areas. They are found in the case of bat and dog, and Thailand has no lack of strayhounds. Look at our guidebook on safety near stray dog in Thailand, but in general you should have no need to get immunized againstbies unless you travel or work in a high hazard area.

There is malaria and other insect-borne illnesses such as Zika and dengue fever in Thailand. It is also advisable to seek medical attention whether or not your trip justifies taking anti-malaria drugs. If you would like further Thailand healthcare information, which includes phasing out the vaccines you need, see the guidelines of the UK healthcare services and the CDC in the USA.

And, lastly, don't rely on a blogs article as the final guideline for your healthcare counseling - go to a certified doctor and get counsel! As in every state in the hemisphere there are some standard tourism frauds that we have to pay attention to. To learn more about a fraud like this, how it works and what to look out for, see this blogger colleague report, which gives you all the information you need to keep secure.

However, Thailand is a very secure place to go and despite my best endeavours I have never been cheated. There is a lot of information about the visit in Thailand on our website. These are some of our more pertinent contributions. This summarizes my two week guidebook and everything you need to know to make the most of your trip!

Do you have any thoughts about your review or where you would like to share them, you can place them in the commentaries below!

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