Threlliant is a leader in providing intelligent networks that enable the transition to the smart grid. Career - Trilliant Trilliant relies on best-in-class software that enables our clients and their clients to unite the two. We are an equality of opportunities organisation that offers a full range of services and remuneration plans with a choice of insurances. is a liaison firm. Our infrastructural solution enables usable intelligency with an open and safe communication plattform and an integrated solution.

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Who is Trilliant - About us

With Trilliant it is our passion to strengthen you through connection. Through an open and safe communication plattform we make realizable intelligent solutions possible for our clients and their clients. The next level of intelligent power grids, based on a seamless networking of information sharing, we believe will lead the power sector into a glittering world.

Built to work with practically any system, our cutting-edge technology provides a safe and high-performance repository of information for future generation. Our main areas of expertise are networks and cutting-edge networks technology.

Smart patient registration

Increase doctor loyalties and encourage more commercial health insurance by referring them. This is a range of services for health care service provider who want to attract more people by involving them in the workplace. The combination of loss event information and user-generated sales pitch enables vendors to address, hire and attract commercial policyholders on-line. Respond to the most influential issues in your businesses for expansion and evolution with a foundation based on the most resilient available information.

Soon we will know which information we have and which we do not, which solution we can offer and which results our customers can have. We design our software and services so that our customers have easy and fast acces to the information they need to strategically plan and implement their market-specific target initiative.

International Trilliant Networks moves head office to Cary

Trilliant Networks, a communication technologies firm, is relocating its head office from Silicon Valley to Cary, where it aims to generate 130 employment opportunities over the next five years. A brief listing of possible head offices of the private firm also featured Tampa, Fla. and Nashville, Tenn. but Cary won, Trilliant CEO Andy White said after announcing the move at a Tuesday newsroom.

Important for the business was also the recent adoption of a House Law 2 replacement compromising laws prohibiting district councils from taking anti-discrimination measures for persons living with HIV/AIDS and obliging those living in state institutions to use toilets that correspond to the sex on their childbirth records. "A few month ago I spoke to the Gov. Roy Cooper and told him that this was a matter for some of our staff," White said about HB2.

According to the State Department of Commerce, Trilliant pays an avarage of $105,348 a year. Among other things, the firm will employ engineering, sales people, soft-ware development and HR, White said. Mr White predicted that 20 to 30 of the 130 positions Trilliant will create in the region will be Trilliant staff moving from elsewhere, mainly from California.

If Trilliant fulfills its recruitment goal and its $1.8 million engagement obligation, it is entitled to a $1.3 million state Job Development Grant Fund. Trilliant's platform is used by utility companies, communities and others for safe and fast communication with equipment such as smartmeters.

"Cary is a smarter town and it makes good business to have a guide in smarter networks that can connect smarter towns across the country," said Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, Wake County Democrat. The Trilliant Cooper announces the Trilliant acquisition at its new location in One Harrison Park on Harrison Oaks Boulevard.

Third-level of the 20,000 sq. m. facility has been rented by Trilliant. With approximately 250 staff around the world - which includes subsidiaries in Canada, the UK and Singapore - Trilliant achieves sales "north of $100 million", White said. Said the deal is viable and that he anticipates sales this year to increase 35 to 40 per cent in addition to over 20 per cent in 2016.

Tuesday's proclamation caused a déjà vu for White. "I was the type who brought GE Nuclear Energy to Wilmington during the reign," said White, who still has a home in Wrightsville Beach. Mr. White was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GE Nuclear when it relocated from San Jose to Wilmington in 2003.

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