The town of Triberg in the Black Forest is located in Baden-Württemberg, in the Black Forest Baar district of the Black Forest. What you can do near Triberg Station on TripAdvisor: Big savings on hotels in Triberg, Germany online. Discover Triberg holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

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In the Black Forest, Triberg is a city in Baden-Württemberg that is situated in the Black Forest Baar-County. In the midst of the Black Forest, Triberg is situated between 500 and 1038 meters above sealevel. Triberg's Wasserfälle, a row of falls along the river Gutach, are among the highest in Germany.

The waterfalls are 151 metres (496 feet) higher than the highest in Germany, the Röthbachfall. The Triberg waterfalls, however, are better known and have better accessibility for the population. There are 40 Black Forest railway tunnel (Baden) around Triberg. Triberga 619 Triberga is called after this city.

The Triberg in the Black Forest, Germany

It is known for the highest falls in Germany, which have a total fall of 163 meters over 7falls. Disneyland is the name of the area around the waterfall entry; here and in the city center, numerous stores sell even more tourist products such as tourist wristwatches, wood carvings, memorabilia, Black Forest hams and cherries.

Most of these are high-quality handicrafts, although there is no lack of synthetic plug watches "made in Taiwan". This Black Forest museum is also located directly at the lower entry to the falls. If you want to get away from the hubbub, it's easy - the landscape around Triberg is amazing, and after a few hundred meters you won't see or listen to the crowd again.

Excursion to Triberg in the Black Forest

Adriana will take us on a daily excursion through Triberg in the Black Forest with huge cascades, pies and waterfalls.... Arriving in Stuttgart, after a whole weekend with two children in a small flat in a small guesthouse, we realized that it was finally our turn for an excursion. We chose the picturesque city of Triberg in the Black Forest, a city in Baden-Württemberg in the Black Forest Baar County in the Black Forest.

It was not our first trip to Triberg. One might think we wouldn't consider being in the Black Forest in freezing weather, but we thought we knew better. As nobody had much enjoyment the first day, we agreed to give Triberg another shot. In Triberg is the highest cascade in Germany, the Triberg cascade.

Even though the wheather was excellent, there was still a lot of icy and snowy ground in the wood. The Triberg Falls, the Triberg Waterfalls, are the largest in Germany. Yes, it is intended for tourist, adorned with mountains and woods touches, but the ambience is cosy, with comfy seats, English-speaking personnel and excellent cuisine. Our menus are varied: classic English, venison hunting on the premises, Black Forrest specialities, vegetarians and seafood.

It melted in my lips, which made me think of the last times I had something so tasty. So we ended up with Black Forest kirsch cakes, not a child-friendly desert (although I was trying to give it to my daugther to alleviate her unseemly behavior).

When I ate the Black Forest pie here, I realized they were sellin' me a liar. So there are many other deserts on the menu, so you're not just talking about the booze cakes. The Triberg Black Forest Musuem has been tried out. Visitors to the Black Forest can gain an impression of what it is like to live and work in the Black Forest.

There is a historical Black Forest clocks from 4 different millennia, a rare exhibition of revolving organ and fun fair instruments (some of which perform a few melodies for one euro), farmer's clothes, old craft shops, a mineral gallery and a large Black Forest railway dialama.

The House of 1000 Watches and the Triberger Moden Stadl are recommended for unique memorabilia. In the House of 1000 Watches there is a home made watch for every budget, while Moden Stadl has a large selection of German made dirndles for ladies and gals as well as leather trousers for men and gals.

Should you wish to have an eatable Black Forest souvenir, a trip to the Schinkenstraße is a must. You will find Black Forest hams (one of our favourites), wieners, gemstones, kirsch and even jellies. They are all made locally or in other parts of the Black Forest. At the end of the afternoon we had enough free space to see the largest and largest Kuckuck watches in the whole wide range.

Because there are two of them six kilometers apart. First is the world's largest in Schonach, three kilometers from Triberg. We could go in for four euros (children go free) and see the giant mechanisms, have the tour leader explain them and then wait in the yard for the music.

Since it was not enough to have one of the biggest water fowl cuckoo clocks in the region, Schonachbach was build another six kilometers away. On its own, the birds weigh 330 pounds or 149 kg and were constructed according to the Black Forest principle. Also here you will find a large selection of different types of home decorations, from classic to modern, as well as clothing and other Black Forest items and mementos.

And we had a great laugh in the Black Forest this year. If you are travelling with naughty children, there is always the cherry brandy pie.

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