The second largest island of the Scilly Islands in Cornwall, England. You can read all about Tresco, the second largest of the Scilly Islands, a subtropical gem and home of Tresco Abbey Gardens. At over 25 years of "Innovation Through Illumination" we have designed and produced a complete range of high grade L.E.D.

and UL/ETL Lamps.

At over 25 years of "Innovation Through Illumination" we are designing and producing a complete range of high grade L.E.D. and UL/ETL Lamps. The Tresco company was established in 1989 to satisfy the increasing demands for high performance cupboard and case light. We developed and marketed the first UL-listed substructure rail illumination system in North America in 1992.

Twenty five years later, our aim is the same: to offer cutting-edge, practical and design-oriented solutions for the offices, laboratories, catering, furnishing, shop fitting, milling and cooking industry.


The Tresco (Cornish: Sweet Skaw,[1] means "Island of Older Trees") is the second largest isle of the Isles of Cornwall, England. It is managed by the Duchy of Cornwall[6] for the Crown and rented to the Dorrien-Smith estate[7], which operates it as a timesharing company. Dorrien-Smith the Dorrien-Smith familie (descended from Augustus Smith) was Lord Proprietor of the Isles between 1834 and 1920.

New Grimsby and Old Grimsby are the principal settlement in the centre of the isle. The facility includes a convenient retail outlet (with a postal branch), an arts centre, a tavern and two cafés and restuarants, all of which are run and run by the Tresco Estate. The subtropical gardens of Tresco Abbey with the Valhalla Figurehead Collection and the Tresco Heliport are located in the north.

Church es of Tresco and the Civic Community of Tresco are shown in green. The Tresco is one of the five civilian communities of the Church of St. John of Siclly. This civilian community and municipality is much more than the Isle of Tresco: it comprises archipelago of U.S. deserters like Samson (inhabited until 1855), Teän, St Helen's, Northwethel and Round Isl.

13 ] Tresco appoints two council members to the Council of the Isles of Sicily, just like the other off-island stations. There are also a large number of temporary workers on the archipelago in this area. In contrast to the other Isles of Sicily, Tresco is primarily a resort [14] and practically all activities and occupations are tourism related.

In the other isles, however, it is important but not equally dominant. Oliver's Battery, in the southern part of the Isle, on the Carn Near Kai, built soon after the takeover of Tresco by parliamentarian powers in the English Civil War. Augustus Smith monument above Appletree Bay in the southwest of the Isle.

Arches from the medieval abbey walls in the gardens of Tresco Abbey. The Tresco is a car-free area. Agricultural semi-trailer agricultural vehicles are used to carry passengers to and from Tresco Heliport and the various docks. Some carriages are available for handicapped people. British International Helicopters was operating from Tresco Heliport from 1983 to October 2012 and offered a year-round chopper services to Penzance Heliport.

The Tresco Bryher Boats offers cruises to and from the other populated island as well as on occasion. Four males and one females (Sciurus vulgaris) were brought by the British Wildlife Centre to Tresco in October 2012 on long-term hire.

Two survivors only, but in September 2013 another twenty were shipped to Tresco and set free in Abbey Woods, near the Abteigärten. The Tresco is regarded as safe haven for the threatened animal safe haven because it is free of carnivores such as the fox, gray horns and the croissants they have on.

23 ][24] In June 2014 an unidentified number of Squirrel were depicted in the descending gardens, which proves that the Squirrel breed successfully. In April and May 2015 the second UK Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) recorded for a short time on the Iceland, visiting Bryher and St Mary's during his 23-day visit.

Tresco is often represented in the world of literature due to its geographical location and past. First and foremost in the book of the writer Sam Llewellyn, a close descendent of Augustus Smith, who after being named Lord Proprietor of the Scillies on the Isle in 1834 began to build Abbey Gardens on the countryside surrounding the old priory.

The protagonist of the Georgie Gale novel Tread Softly, Flora Castledine was originally raised in the Isles of Sciplly. The name Tresco is often used. The whales of Michael Morpurgo play on the Isles of Shilly and show Tresco several time. The game Hell Bay, by Sam Llewellyn, plays on Tresco and fictionalizes the happenings until the takeover of the Isle by Augustus Smith.

Sea Garden, also by Sam Llewellyn, is located on a fictitious isle, strongly built on Tresco. There is a breathtaking Sea Garden, similar to Tresco Abbey Gardens, and the story of the fictitious isle is strongly influenced by the true story of the isle. Tresco and the Isles of Shilly is a thriller by Ann Quinton.

The BBC adaption of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader from 1989 shot the scene on the fictive Lone Islands on Tresco, while the scene on the boat was shot on a boat in the nearby ocean. Joanna Hogg and Tom Hiddleston play the leading role in the 2010 Archipelago series.

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