Trekking Kalaw Inle Lake

Hiking Kalaw Inle Lake

Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake: Things you can look forward to The trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake is certainly one of the high points for many travellers in Myanmar. When it rains, the surrounding Kalaw and Inle Lake slopes are so verdant you can't believe your smile! Tradicional towns, Bamboosheds, Paddy fields, Pa-O strains and an authentically non-touristic feeling:

That' s what you'll find on this trek. The Kalaw is the departure point of the trekking trails to Inle Lake. It is a beautiful, peaceful but vibrant city, with plenty of cool breezes and pines everywhere: It is about 270 km from Bagan (in the top lefthand part of the picture) and 60 km from Nyaung Shwe, the capital at Inle Lake.

So we stayed one afternoons and one at Kalaw. This means you can buy different types of foods, candies, Cheroot (traditional Myanmar cigars), clothing and many other things at incredible low rates! There' s also a grotto not far from the city. From Bagan we took the coach to Kalaw.

Generally, Myanmar's busses are quite convenient and the streets are well kept. Now, after our journey in Nepal we have prepared ourselves to tolerate long-lasting travels and madrivers. From this point on, any other journey in Asia, even the longest, is no longer a pain! What trekking agencies are available?

While Kalaw is really small, you'll find a dozen different agents there to take you to Inle Lake. First you can select between two types of trekking: 2 overnight stays - 3 or 1 overnight stay - 2 overnight stays. We' re using the short one because we just spent two whole week in Myanmar.

Then you can do your trekking alone or in a group: In order to get to know the folk traditions in the Shan country, we wanted to stay in a village with a native familiy in a village called Bambus. Trekking must not be booked more than 1 full working days in advanced.

Simply come to the office in the afternoons before the trekking and you will be well. It' the oldest office in Kalaw and you look reliable. During the 2 day - 1 overnight hike the vehicle took us to the start, about 40? outside of Kalaw. Our hike began from there in a lush vegetation and reddish color.

Canoeing was so much fun that it was difficult to believe we were in Myanmar. When we think of Myanmar now, we think of these bright colours. On the first trekking we ran for about 5 hrs, divided into two parts. It is a nice stroll, not really difficult, in the Kalaw area.

We' ve seen many different types of people: a lot of them: a lot of them: a lot of them: Yeast broth, roasted pasta with vegetable, a typical tomato and roasted dry coffee and lots of dishes with tasty fruit. By the way, if you visit Myanmar, you should definitely try mangoes: At noon we continue our hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake. It is a typical Pa-O town with a convent, a college and buildings of reed trees and wood.

On the second trekking to Inle Lake we hiked for about 5 h. They were more than 3 metres high and provided us with clean breezy sunshine under their leaf. For the entrance into the area of the Inle Lake a charge of 15.000 Kyat (approx. 10 Euro) is raised.

The trekking trails all end at a certain point outside the lake. It took about an hours and was really nice. The first view of lake Inle was when we saw the fisherman dance on the lake with their tradition of fish. The next section tells you what to see in Inle Lake.

Would you like to know more about Myanmar? The Nyaung Shwe is the capital of the lake where the guesthouses, accommodations and restaurant are located. For most travellers, this is the place to remain, as the lake is easy to access and the price is reasonable. The city is therefore the perfect base for a visit to Lake Inle.

Together with Bagan, the lake is probably the best-known touristic place in Myanmar. We don't say it's not nice or not even deserving of a stopover, but you should prepare yourself and make sure you travel well. The Inle is a vast lake with many attractions, some of which are genuine and others not:

So you should decide what you want to see in front of your boater, better with someone who can speak English well enough to hear you. While visiting the lake our bosun took us around and stoped at (too) many touristic places: 1 - A shop for lotus blossom fibre clothing.

We had a doze of these workshop around the lake, and not many lotuses, and we really doubt that all the dresses made there were made authentic on the lake. The Cheroot is a range of traditionally made tobaccos, seasonings, honey and nuts. The monastry was wonderfully constructed directly on the lake.

Shotgun fishermen: There are many fisherman who inhabit the lake and you will see them during your journey. Those beautifully clad fisherman aren't really real. Otherwise you will see the real fisherman dance on the lake while canoeing. They' re not as beautifully attired as the counterfeit ones, but they' re certainly more genuine.

This is our Inle Lake Gallery: 1- Book your excursion to the lake in advanced and ask for an English speaker-guide. After our cruise we found the Paw Paw Paw eatery. It also organises excursions by boats tailored to your wishes and it would be the best way to see the genuine areas of Lake Inle.

Don't miss the Indein Islands, the swimming farmhouses and the swimming fair when it takes place on the lake on the same time. Did you do the trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake?

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