Trek Kalaw Inle Lake 2 Days

Kalaw Inle Lake Trek 2 days

The people are going to Kalaw to make the trek to Inle Lake. The two best-known tourist attractions in Shan Plateau, Kalaw and Inle Lake, are well worth a visit when trekking in Myanmar. Attempt to choose between the 3-day/2-night or 2-day/1-night trip from Kalaw to Inle Lake. From KALAW to INLE LAKE (Trekking Tour) 2 days /1 night. (.

.. 45 minutes), a rural Danu village and the starting point for your 2-day adventure tour to Lake Inle.

Inle Lake 2 days hike - Review of Jungle King Trekking Guide Services, Kalaw, Myanmar

Other travelers strongly recommend this travel group. I' ve done the 2-day trip, but also hear good things about the 3-day-trip. During the whole trip our leader was not really engaged and did not really tell us about the towns, the flowers, the languages or something else that other folks loved.

It was a beautiful landscape and the hike was not too demanding, but it would have been great to have a more hands-on tourist leader. I' ve been hearing great things about other trips where the leaders were more interested in knowing more than going all the way in stillness when they weren't asked. In fact, I learned more from others on the trip who toured elsewhere in Myanmar and learned something about the area.

When I would book again, I would ask for a particular leader who has good critiques, or go with another firm where you can ask for the leader to make sure you both learn and run and search.

1 Nights Trek from Kalaw to Inle - Review on Kyi's Web - Day Tours, Kalaw, Myanmar

Thank you, we wish to see you again next year. With loving, trekking with Ko Kyi was the best part of our journey in Myanmar. So we could savour the whole countryside without any other tourist (maybe except at the end). For a hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake I really suggest Kyi.

Marie, thank you for your nice criticism. Have a good day. We loved to spend 3 wards in Myanmar in January'15 - 6 of them with Kyi. There were some great leaders during the tour, but Kyi was the best of the group. Later we went to the Pindaya Cave, followed by a brief walk to a small town where we had lunch in one of the homes.

After that we went from Kalaw to Inle for 3 days. Those contained a few long days (or maybe we were just slow) - but accompanied by Kyi. Eventually we had a few days in the Inle area to discover the lake. The trek days can be warm, evenings can be chilly, so it's a good idea to pack an additional top for your nap - and maybe an inflatable pad for a little more convenience - and earplugs are indispensable at midnight when you're out with my buddy Dave.

Hi Norm It, thanks for your nice feedback. Happy times, my dear friends. with loving care, Our 3 days with Kie on a walk from Kalaw to Inle Lake is the most remarkable and important part of our month-long journey through Myanmar. We' ve been referred by a colleague who had referred us years before.

He' s very competent, kind, uncomplicated and loves to hike in Myanmar. We were the only ones who stayed overnight in a convent one evening. Because of this event we have fallen in great affection for Myanmar. The excursions were memorable for many reason, but the greatest of both was the trek with Kyi.

We had a wonderful stay in the beautiful Kalaw area with a kind man of great humour, great homemade cuisine and visited many authentic and evocative places. Thank you for your kind criticism, my boy, enjoying your free spirit, we'll meet again some of the next year. Have you been on Kyi's Web tours?

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