Trek Kalaw Inle

Kalaw Inle Trek

From Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek: Stunning Hiking and Host Family Experiences Myanmar was the land they were talking about. Burma blinded us. It was just something else about Myanmar. Myanmar, I think so. However, I also have the feeling that it is my obligation to divide my history so that other human beings are inspire to live this unbelievable world.

After all, it was other mystery-mongers who inspire me.

In Myanmar our trip was full of adventures. In a long boat we went through a stalactite town near Lake Inle, where kids were playing and moms were washing their dresses. There is one history, however, that stands out from all our Myanmar memoirs. To get a closer insight into the life of the local people, Ben and I went on a hike through the landscape of Kalaw to Inle Lake.

We hiked for 2 nights and stayed in a country town with a host family. There was a great host family in Laos, so our expectation was high. In a small town just before dark, we came home from a long working afternoon in the field, sweating and tiredness.

We meet our "Mama" for the evening - a lady with weather-beaten skins and a traditionally scarred fabric turtleneck high on her mother's face. So we walked through the dust roads, past livestock that gnaws at straw and kids that giggle. A small wood cloister in the centre of the city made novices gather around, gathering drinking waters for the nights and pulling their crimson garments off the washing line.

Rosa and gold tones were dancing in the skies, and it seemed that all the villagers were preparing for the sunset together. And so we thought it was good to go home for the evening. As we could no longer sit in our stomachs, we were sitting under one lamp and talked to other travellers and our tour leader until well into the evening.

Well it felt like it was rather dark at this time of day, but when I was looking at my clock, I saw the shining "8:30" numbers looking at me. Well, now that you have read our history of the Kalaw to Inle Lake walk, we hope we have encouraged you to make this walk part of your Myanmar trip.

We share exactly how you can enjoy this wonderful walk and host family yourself! We booking our 2 days / 1 nights trekking through Sam's Family Trekking, the most famous of the trekking equipment suppliers in Kalaw. We' d been hearing a lot about'Uncle Sam' in travel guides and from other travellers, and when we got there we were happy to see Sam himself who told us exactly what to look forward to on the trek.

We have had some other firms in Kalaw, but we had a great time with Sam's Family trekking and would suggest them to others. Feel free to get in touch with Sam's Family Trekking via the Facebook page or via samtrekking@gmail. com . What is the difficulty of the Kalaw to Inle Lake walk?

The walk is relatively simple. There are not many climbs, and there are many places where hikers of all age (!) can walk. However, it can get quite high in Myanmar according to the season, which makes it a little unpleasant for long journeys under the star.

What does the Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek for? The number of persons in your group and whether you stay 3 days/2 evenings or 2 days/1 noct. depend on your group. A lot of folks take the van from Bagan to Kalaw. Much of Myanmar's transport takes place at nigh.

The 6-hour (more or less) trip means you are arriving in the midnight in Kalaw, but most guesthouses are equipped for it. First we went to Inle Lake, then we went to Kalaw. It was more than some of our overnight busses, but with 35.000 kyats (almost 30 USD) we were pleased about the convenient air-conditioned drive.

In addition, we reached Kalaw in the afternoons (... instead of in the midnight), so it was much more comfortable for us. When we returned to Inle Lake after the walk, we took a overnight coach to Hsipaw. Bonus: If you have free evening meals in Kalaw, have a Shan speciality lunch at Thirigayha, also known as Seven Sisters Restaurant.

Dreams Mountain Resort - Only 1km from the city centre, this is one of the best hotels in Kalaw with its own private pool and gardens, as well as a local pub and dining area. Please note: This contribution is not sponsorship and we have no connection to any Myanmar trekers.

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