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A tour through Myanmar, where it is rich in cultural heritage, natural resources and lovable people. What it will cost to get around Myanmar on a budget! Myanmar is a little gray in South East Asia as far as the costs of the trip are concerned, the boundaries will only be open to tourists in 2011 and everything you see on-line will quickly become obsolete.

As an example, you will probably still come across blogs telling you that there are no ATMs in Myanmar, which was the case in 2011-2012, but I can reassure you that the land now has a wealth of them, in fact we have even seen ATMs in the stunning Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon.

As the first people I actually saw traveling to Myanmar were a young woman in my room in Kuala Lumpur while I was traveling through Southeast Asia in early 2014, I had learned about Myanmar and examined it briefly, but after listening to how passionately she was towards the land and how beautiful she said that the natives were, I knew I had to go there!

Obviously, the one thing she mentioned that I then reread a great deal on-line is that accomodation expenses can be quite high as there is a shortage of accomodation against the amount of tourists that arrive now so they can boost higher expenses and make money up. I soon became worried because I would have traveled alone, and although I could have paid $30 per person per day from a technical point of view, I didn't want to afford it and get the visas if I had spent a few nights in Bangkok to sort it out at the visas bureau etc., so Myanmar quickly became a country I would have to go to in the (near) years.

Quickly forward until mid 2015 and with another South East Asia journey and my companions, I reassured them that Myanmar must be there this year! But I knew that this would decrease drastically between 2-3 of us (and it did).

You can also request an Evisa on-line until 2015 (I used this website which I would recommend), you have to cover a $50 USD/£34 charge. 00 on-line, just download the permit form and you will be able to access the country, no travel to the participating migration authorities! Again, you must have reserved your tickets in anticipation, they will ask the airport of arrival when you request the visas and the visas clearly state that you must book an airport out of the country when you land.

People at HCMC Vietnam did not ask me for evidence, but my girlfriend, who abandoned HCMC 2 nights before me, was asked and she would not leave her plane without it! Personal I loathe this because we didn't know how long we wanted and needed in the country and it really limited us, but legislation is law and I would advise you to book a plane to and from Yangon as it is the least expensive one.

Traveling with your boyfriends cuts your expenses in half and double the pleasure! I' m about to say I spend 200 in Myanmar in 13 evenings. Cenozoic (!!!!) and that contained everything except my flying and visas. So, accomodation, busses, taxis, meals, mineral waters (I didn't have any drinks in Myanmar), a 3 night hike, entry tickets to the temple, entry to Bagan and Inle Lake, a boating tour, rent an e-bike for 2 evenings, a daily excursion to Mandalay and a Burmese massages, so you get the impression that my payment went very far!

Bicycles, wine and boats on Lake Inle for two whole working holidays. In Bagan for two full-events to visit the temples and see the sunrise and sunset! The price of the accomodation, which was my primary concern, varied greatly according to where we were. First of all, it is important to note that we made 3 night busses (Yangon-Bagan, Inle Lake-Mandalay and Mandalay-Yangon) and a 3-day tour that involved 2 overnights, so we actually only had to pay for 8 overnights in guest houses and 4 of us were so we could split doubles, which was very helpful to us.

The journey began in Yangon at Motherland Inn 2 Guesthouse (I would suggest to stay there), where we were paying $35. However, we did arrive in Bagan without our hotel reservation and were taken by our cabby (!) to the Winner Hotel, where we were paying a more attractive $18.00 for a double room per person per day, so 6.50 per person, then we came to Kalaw and got a 4-bed room for $14.00, which meant 2.30 per person (!!) which was very inexpensive and contained breakfasts, but it said that we had a more attractive $18.00 per person per second.

We ended up in Inle Lake and made a $25 payment. $00 for a double room per day, 8. 50 each at Goodwin Hotel (don't remain here!) and eventually we ended the journey in Mandalay where we slept at the Nylon Hotel (I definitely suggest to remain here) where we were paying $16. 00 US for a double room per day, £5. 30 each.

As you can see, the accomodation was not so high! Had I travelled alone and had to cover these fares myself, it would have had more influence on my budgets, but traveling with my boyfriends has its advantages! Myanmar hostels are still very rare, we ran into a young woman who lived in one in Inle Lake and I saw one or the other on for Yangon, but I haven't seen or heard any others, although I'm sure that will be changing within a year!

The most important thing to consider, considering where I lived and how much I had to pay, is that the condition of the lodging was really not great! Neither room was excessively filthy, but they were cheap rooms and places with dubiously tidy baths, often without warm running waters, not very supportive personnel, not very good Wi-Fi and although breakfasts were in all room prices, apart from where we lived in Kalaw, the breakfasts were very impoverished with only balls and ailing, and we had to pay for them,

cute blanca for onast so you really are paying for what you get to stay in Myanmar right now, but we lived and we were glad we didn't waste too much money as long as you don't get rooms with good Wi-Fi, then you'll be fine!

I will now only write down what I have been spending my Myanmar funds on to help you with your overall plan. lnle lake entrance card. Hopefully this position will help you with your Myanmar fund. Overall, as you can see, it is not really an expensively traveling land, as always you could be spending more cash, especially on better accommodations, but it may be on a Budget, which is the most important thing, and it is a captivating, singular and lovely state!

Sadly for changing foreign exchange a great deal, as noted at the top of this post, in Myanmar, although they use their Kyat everywhere locals' money and you can be paying for everything in Kyat, they are converting the accomodation rates and often some coach rates into U.S. dollars but to help my British readers and just I realize that I have also commuted them into ££!

Did I get you to go to Myanmar? You can find accommodations in Myanmar on Bicycles, wine and boats on Lake Inle for two nights. In Bagan for two nights to see the temples and the sunrise and sunset! There is also a videoclip of my Myanmar trip on my YouTube Channel, watch it here!

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