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I hope we can travel Myanmar with you again. Holidays on the tropical islands of Myanmar. Headquartered in Myanmar, Serenity Travels is managed by a team of tourism experts. Mr President, I remember Rudyard Kipling's famous poem Mandalay, which tells of a former British soldier dreaming of his distant lover. Prior to coming to Myanmar (Burma), there was very limited and outdated information about backpacking and travel in that country in books and online.


The Gulliver Travels and Tours can organize any kind of travel within the state. No matter if you want to make a first exploration of the most important tourist places, or if you need to come for some documentary films in specific areas, our staff is there to help you as best as possible! Gulliver has opened its own shop in Nyaung Shwe (Thanakha Inle Hotel) since 2015 and our staff looks forward to welcoming you all year round, enjoying the amenities of our 26 rooms and relaxing in our indoor pools!

The Gulliver Travels and Tours was established in 1998 by Herve and Thuzar! It has approximately 25 employees in the Yangon head offi ce and in the 4 Bagan, Nyaung Shwe, Mandalay and Sittwe Offi ce. The Inle Hotel Thanakha has 26 rooms, a large indoor swimingpools and a roof-room!

In order to show you the details of the land and to suggest the route that suits your interests and your needs, please do not hesitate to do so.

In order to show you the details of the land and to suggest the route that suits your interests and your needs, please do not hesitate to do so. Myanmar has been frequented by very few in the past because it was isolated from itself for three years. Recently Myanmar has attracted travellers from all over the globe with its friendliness and charm, as well as archaeological and historical monuments.

A large part of the everyday lives of the Myanmar population is concentrated on the dominant faith, Theravada Buddhism. The majority of feasts are worship and often fiestas that last several nights are good opportunities to see the Myanmar population. Hopefully you will take yourselves a lot of work! But Myanmar has more to boast than its coupons.

For more information about all these places, see About Myanmar. Organise one-on-one or small groups to suit the interests of our clients. Would you like to see as many sights as possible or do you want to get to know the Myanmar countryside, its cultures and population?

Hopefully you will be able to discover the land and its inhabitants! Would you like to focus on your cultural activities, learn more about the local population and the various tribal and mountain peoples? We' ll make the arrangements! You would like to discover the land on your own but would like an expert tourist guidance to give you a detailed introduction to this varied and intriguing world?

Gladly we mediate only hotels, national air travel or rented cars, if you would like to travel alone, without a leader or travel group. Naturally we also provide regular routes, which you can see on the page Routes, but we are happy to organise routes according to your wishes and interests.

Here you can find a downloadable survey with many important issues that will help us to organise the best possible arrival for you. You can also request this later without advance notice when making your reservation. Fascinating Land Travels is able to combine our expertise and insight into the interests and needs of our guests to provide you with truly memorable itineraries.

You will find useful information on the About Myanmar page, many common queries are addressed in the FAQ and useful web sites are linked. The site map shows all themes at a single sight.

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