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These are the top tips from our destination experts for your private and tailor-made Myanmar tour. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma. The Gulliver Travels and Tours can organize any kind of travel within the country. Burma is one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia and Myanmar in particular remains untouched, as the country has only just been opened up to the world. When we have friends who want to go there, we will certainly recommend you and Magnolia Travels & Tours.

Wellcome to Myanmar!

Wellcome to Myanmar! We' re an old-fashioned tourist office that will be pleased to help you organise your journey to our wonderful state. Have a look at our online store and create your own Myanmar adventure with just a few mouse clicks. Please do not hesistate to get in touch with us, our staff would be pleased to make you tailor-made offers.

We have all shown tour packages, either our own or provided by agents we act as agents for. No matter how you plan your journey, you can count on our dedication to providing you with the best possible services and fast responses to make your journey to Myanamar an unforgettable one.

Tips for traveling in Myanmar

Do you plan to visit Myanmar? These are the top hints for a Myanmar trip from our destinations specialists. Myanmar's denomination is Burma's K (Kyat). Myanmar's administration recently stated that the only currencies accepted by Myanmar's caterers, stores and all other companies will be the same.

Therefore, it is no longer possible to make payments in US dollar while you are in Myanmar. This is why we suggest that you take a sum of cash with you, which you can change either at the airports or at one of the many bureaux de change.

Switching currencies at your hotels can be more expensive, as such facilities usually require slightly higher commission. Whilst some stores still offer US dollar pricing, they only take payments in national currencies. Myanmar area coded +95. Myanmar's telecommunications system is generally bad, although it is recovering in major towns such as Yangon.

Therefore, we suggest you buy a GSM SIM in Myanmar. Most of the Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake establishments offer phone and facsimile services internationally, but these can be very high cost. Myanmar has bad roads and therefore air transport is often the most comfortable and preferable way to fly from one town to another.

The best way within the boundaries of the town is to travel by road. Are you expecting your trip to take longer than the estimate you made? Because of the need to export to Myanmar, they are in use for a very long period of use and therefore relatively old, but in good condition. Many of Myanmar's chemists are not equipped with the latest global medications; it is a good way to get important medications.

Myanmar's major municipalities and major urban centres have government and privately owned hospital facilities. But Myanmar's healthcare system as a whole is mediocre. Photography of myanmar's army facilities is prohibited. In Myanmar this is not necessarily anticipated, but tips are welcome. Myanmar is best visited in the November to March season.

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