Travelling to Myanmar alone

Going to Myanmar alone

Burma is one of the best countries in Asia for single travellers. Although I was in Myanmar with a buddy, it is safe and possible to go alone. Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam - alone. One of the main advantages of diving in Burma is being alone at the dive sites. She is a wanderer in her heart, a travel blogger and married women who travel the world alone.

Women traveling alone in Myanmar. - Cairo Message Board

Women traveling alone in Myanmar. All of the contributions have been really useful, but as a woman who makes a Myanmar journey all alone and is considering taking the Yangon to Bagan or Mandalay trains, does anyone have any hints or advices? Women traveling alone in Myanmar. I was alone in Myanmar for two whole week last year and didn't have a bit of a trouble.

All are very friendly and supportive and you will not be bothered. When I felt that I was being looked after a little more when they saw that I was alone, like the two brothers approaching me on the platoon to tell me that we were being transferred to another platoon and helping me to transport my baggage.

Women traveling alone in Burma. Hello, I am living in Yangon, the former capitol of Burma. You should stay here for at least two week. It'?s no big deal if you're here alone. Women traveling alone in Burma. They can take a coach to Bagan and Mandalay for about 10$ - 12$.

Mayan Mar are for unaccompanied people. Women traveling alone in Myanmar. I' ve just come back from a 3-day journey to Bagan via Yangon this week-end as a single traveller. As good practise I did quite a lot of research on single trips/female travels in Myanmar and found no big accidents or moorhens.

Indeed, I have largely learnt that Myanmar is one of the safe towns in SEA for single travellers. In Bagan the villagers were very respectable and supportive (while maintaining their own privacy). You' re right

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