Travelling to Myanmar alone

Going to Myanmar alone

In Depth trip through Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. So that we feel welcome and signal: "You are not alone". It wasn't the first time I'd traveled alone. Choose whether you should travel alone or with friends in one of the most important decisions you have to make. So Kalaivaani took this picture in Bagan, Myanmar.

Female Solo Travel: Travelling alone in Myanmar as a wife

Donna entered the following Myanmar Women's Journey as a soloist. You can find more one-on-one with women here. Hello, my name is Donna Wanderlust and I am the creator of a fashions and travelling blogs called I' ve always worked in the apparel sector, but I wanted to desperately travelling and learn more about people's culture, creativeness and identity.

Up to now I have been living in Vietnam and have travelled alone to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Myanmar. So why did you choose to go to Myanmar alone? I' m traveling 90% of the world on my own anyway. I do a lot of work when I am travelling, but it is not particularly simple for someone who just wants to see the favourite pages or just want to unwind at a place of the world.

When I get there, I never know exactly how long it will take to get in touch with the information I am investigating. So, I went to Myanmar to work on 3 very different stories about the Yangon subterranean punkscene, the Inle Lake Lotusweaving and the Kayah strain in Kayah State.

Take a look at our travel advice for your family. In Myanmar Donna was meeting many natives, among them a group of punk people. Have you had any problems going there alone? Sometimes it was unpleasant because I travelled like a native and took the least expensive busses and trams for very long trips.

Myanmar seems to be one of the most beautiful places I have been to for the warm welcome. for Myanmar. Share with us one of your favourite traveling adventures in Myanmar. Encountering a native lady was one of Donna's favourite adventures when she was travelling alone in Myanmar.

Have you taken any particular measures to make you uncomfortable when driving alone? 3G is a safety measure, and 3G is surprising in Myanmar, so you can always find out where you are and how to get to places. for the first trip alone. Have you met any other women travelling alone while you were there?

Yes, I did meet a Hollander who was also travelling alone. Burma was their first Asian nation that I thought was very courageous. She said she felt secure travelling alone in Myanmar. Which baggage did you take to Myanmar? See the best travelling rucksacks for girls.

DoƱna enjoys the Myanmar rail ride - inexpensive, funny and scenically attractive. What is your number one tip for women travelling to Myanmar alone? During the day take the commuter railways, they are really inexpensive, funny and the best way to see what is going on in the area, and the view is unbelievably beautiful and sensitive.

I' m inspired by fashions, textiles, costumes, designs, characters and places, so you can find a lot of color, singular detail and everything about my fun and awe-inspiring trip at I would like you to join me on my stylish adventure around the globe. Receive our current packing-list, equipment offers and trip information by e-mail.

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