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Myanmar 2016 Travel

Allow the Journey Begin to the Golden Land: 7 February 2017 to 13 February 2017, Myanmar: 15.08.20116 - Myanmar Travel | Myanmar Backpacking | Shwedagon Pagoda. Last December, on a trip to Southeast Asia, I witnessed the country drawing to a close. The Myanmar borders were closed for decades and few were able to travel.

Traveling in Myanmar - Important things you need to know

In February 2016, when I was in Myanmar. The majority of the items on line are too old to be trustworthy, while I am not a big supporter of print itineraries. In the end I gave up, instead I chose to find out something about Myanmar by looking around for the next target I wanted to explor.

Although I have been able to spend a lot of it, meeting great people and getting used to how the Burmese get along in their daily lives or that the tourist industry is still young, I still wish I knew more about Myanmar before I got there. The majority of travelers who travelled in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand before arriving in Myanmar would say that it is slightly more costly than the neighboring state.

Lodging: Student residence rooms are not yet widespread and the standard of accommodations in Myanmar is much lower than in other Southeast Asia locations. When you' re out with someone, that should spare you a few pence bucks. ALONE OR WITH SOMEONE? Journey alone or not? This is one of the biggest questions for travelers who come to Myanmar.

Though I was in Myanmar with a mate, it is secure and possible to go alone. But if you are traveling with someone, you can start saving more on your lodging because you can rent a room. A further remark is that I have not met many travelers during my time in Myanmar, so it can get dull to go alone from time to time.

Traveling alone in Myanmar is great if you like to be alone and travel alone. In my view, the eating in Myanmar is not as appealing as in the other Southeast Asia states. The good thing is that the variety of dishes here is very varied, just like the people. It is easy to find Chinese, Thai and Hindi cuisine.

Myanmar, especially Yangon, is also a favourite place for eating on the streets. Stroll the long lane of Yangon's city' main shopping district, Yangon's long and winding lane of the city. Burma is a very Buddhistic and conservationist state. It' s a good idea to be modest when you' re out on the streets to show your respects to the local people, or when you're going in both men's and women's short and tops.

When you like to get involved in the community of your area, you can buy them almost anywhere. From February to May is the warmest and driest months in Myanmar, make sure you wrap light pants and jackets. Mythical s are beloved because they believe in Buddhism. The majority of Myanmar citizens, including youngsters, are regarded as being of a faith.

Burmese civilization is mostly integral with their religious beliefs, which in my view is the main reasons why the Burmese people are very kind and warm-hearted. You' re free to donate groceries. I slept with other travelers in the convents, I did it myself with a mate. It is definitely free and possible as long as you know where you are going and have your camping bag handy, you should be in order.

But maybe you'll think you're more secure when you are traveling with someone. Myanmar is generally secure, so long as you are traveling with good reason and confidence, your journey should be okay. It' s no mystery that Myanmar still has a civilian warfare in its land, they won their first democratic victory in November 2015.

The Burmese still find it difficult to discuss the Burmese politics or to say anything against the Burmese regime, based on their former state.

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