Travelling to Burma alone

Going to Burma alone

Advantages of travelling alone. I can see a changing city from the buildings alone. It' just a matter of preparation and a few tricks. We have many solo travellers participating in our tours - in fact, about half the trip alone. " I can't go on vacation, I have no one to go with!

Yangon Two Day Solo Trips

I only had twice on my entire'solo' journey through Southeast Asia, where I actually felt all alone - my few day in Yangon and my brief stay in Java. Nor are the simplest places to go when travelling alone. But while my Java alone was the least, lonesome point of my whole journey, my Yangon was the opposite.

In fact I had longed for some alone and so I enjoyed the few sunny afternoons. A late gift from my mum and dad for my two Yangon night in a luxurious Yangon resort - a much needed break after month-long lodgings and dormitories.

At 8.30 a.m. and too early to be checked in, so I started looking for it. It wasn't clear to me how hard it would be to find lunch in Yangon. Though I was used to a wealth of places to eat and drink, I could walk for miles and find nothing.

Admittedly, my incapacity to find nourishment is in part my own doing. If I had wanted to eat chickens' feets or some other unknown species for my morning meal, Yangon would have been there. So I' m embarrassed to say that my first breakfasts in Yangon were a delicious hot fudge pie and a capuccino in a very westernized dockyard.

It was unknowable to me then, but the rains would turn out to be my permanent attendant during my stay in Yangon. Contrary to other South East Asia towns I have been to, the Yangon wet period seemed to be one of periodic rains during the days, as distinct from the unique 30 to 60 minute long rains in the early afternoons that took place elsewhere.

So Yangon was the only place where the rain had a big impact on my plan. Astonishingly, of all the places I had been to in Burma, the people in Yangon were the least used to seeing people. To me it was something special in Yangon, something that hadn't even occurred in the small northern towns of the state.

I' m here for dinner. Throughout Burma I was astonished at the absolute delicacy of India's cuisine. Things I still have dreams of today. Native American quarter was not disappointing - a lively little quarter with streetside dining and peddlers everywhere.

I' m sure they weren't used to seeing little blond westerner girl go to the café, given the amount of time I got it. Particularly not little blond westerly chicks traveling alone. I didn't care - I ate tasty dinner. It was the first tasty meal I'd found all over Yangon.

I' m a horrible Yangon traveler. Because of the unforeseeable strong rainfalls I did without too many maps. The Bogyoke is a large indoor fair in the centre of Yangon with over 2000 stores. This takes me to the climax of Yangon (perhaps one of the high points of my whole journey) - my journey on the Circle Line, a local railway that circles the neighbouring towns and takes us into the town.

Well, how on Earth can that be one of the high points I am hearing from you? Being alone means that I was totally absorbed in what was going on around me - the natives felt good enough to come and talk to me to give me an insight into their being.

Otherwise I just spend my free day walking around, protecting myself from the rains, having a cup of coffee and absorbing the attractions, noises and scents of the town. Like my own art, I finished Yangon the way I began - hunting for nourishment. So, I had my last evening: drink mosquitoes, eat tortillas and chat with local people (by the way: I was very cautious about my mosquito intake that particular day, limiting my drink to two.

As a single traveler, I thought it would be imprudent to trip into the dark roads of a foreign town, drunk). All in all, Yangon is not an easily lovable town. It' not very nice, there are less places of interest than in other towns and the meal leave much to be desired and the Indian quarter aside.

So, if you're going to Yangon, don't go out too soon - take a few extra few day's to discover Burma's biggest town and get a feel for it. Remark: My talk about eating in Yangon does not mean that I did not like Burma eating. On the contrary - I used to love the local cooking that I tasted all over the land.

Would that just be as a very pickie-eye, I fought in person to find tradtional nutrition in Yangon that I didn't prude about eating. prudish.

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