Travelling to Burma alone

Going to Burma alone

People travelling alone to Myanmar tend to find it relatively safe. Find out more about our Burma travel guide, reviews, photos and advice. Be inspired by our tour ideas and tailor them to you! Find out about her experiences with solo women's travel in Myanmar. So why should you travel alone?

Single trip to Burma on July 2

I' m always traveling on my own NEVER ALONE! only this year was costly, so I had to divide rooms three time with other travelers, ie chaungtha Strand and two GH's in Yangon, both around $30 B&B for two folks, with some others grabbing around to divide a few thu to also on night busses for cab days journey for saying Inwya and a leg walk etc. now also going deal for rooms as should not be crowded July, how long you go for?

klick here FAQ 72 Burma basesupdate FAQ86two week Yangon arrival at the same night accommodation coach (including $1 shuttles to Naungshwe central train station) to Inle Sea get coach directly to Naungshwe not crossing 3 -4 nights spent graded,including inein on boating on the same date you get 730 shares with others get boating yaw and saw at the viaduct, go on your own to Bhudda caverns etc..,

then, take coach pick up connection - Kalow over night PM, after checking into ie east heaven or pine land on front, at any cost you' ll do walabaout to the top of wtn near train-station this afternoon to do the seated plates at the top old monastery there then see back down past bera to left by armies camps to cave armies thru the course up the hills ide and down again back into the city.

Travel Solo in Myanmar (Burma)

Twenty couples of Myanmar eyeballs staring at me as I tripped on a local buses in Yangon, Myanmar. Once I have paid the $0.10 Busticket, a timid young lady with very good English tells me that I am on the totally incorrect one. The only thing I see are the bounces and predefined bends of the Myanmar script.

That'?s how I begin my 10-day Myanmar quest. Shwedagon' s shedagon is totally AAAA-MAZING! Walking around the Golden Cupola I take it as my first Myanmar sanctuary. Best of all, this is a very important Burmese coup.

To be honest, I really felt perfectly secure travelling alone in Myanmar. One of the greatest pains about travelling on my own is that guesthouses are costly, $20 for a lone one in Yangon. I' ve been paying 1.500 THB ($50 USD) and waiting 3 working nights for a Bangkok based tourist office.

I' ve completely left out all the red tape. Myanmar has got global ATM machines, but most travellers are bringing crunchy $100 bills for the city.

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