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Take medication with you when you travel to Myanmar | Travel Do you plan to take any medications to Myanmar? Some medications - such as sleep tablets, ADHD medications and powerful pain relievers - require a physician's check. Check with your chemist or physician if your drug is subject to opium law. You can take your medications (or ingredients) with you if they are not covered by the opium law.

Do you have a doctor's note or GPS-check? You will need a certification if your medication (or your child's medication) is covered by opium law. Two types of certificates exist: for travelling within the Shengen area. Physician's certificate: for all other states. Please check the CAK website to see which certification is needed for the destination state.

Or you can down-load the document from the website so your physician can fill it in and subscribe. Submit the endorsed CAK document. It takes the CAK 4 week to edit your CAKCert. Drug passports (also called European Medicinal Passports) are not physician's certificates.

Acupuncture passports list all medications you use or are intolerant to. It is useful when you go to a chemist or a physician abroad. Inquire your own chemist or your physician about your pass. Please send your resume at least 4 week before your departure.

MYANEMAR PET PASSPORT - Current import regulations for dogs and cats

There is no way we can say how a particular state will be able to impose these laws. Failure to do so may mean that you will have to place your animal in isolation, bring it back to its home or have it put to sleep at your own cost. You are advised to minimise the disturbances caused by observing the laws of the countries in which you are staying.

You can also order all the necessary gear and supplies to travel with your pets. Shipment on the same date Monday to Friday until 16:00 EST. DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION OR COMMENT? When you need a quick answer, you can write it directly to our Facebook page, our blogs or forums. We do not support any persons or companies offering transportation via mail on this website.

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