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BKartA advises against all travel:. Journey with a guide and a small group. Sites approved for tourist travel in Myanmar Burma. During the rainy season there are short but heavy showers, especially in the afternoon, which rarely affect travel and bring the lush landscapes of Myanmar (Burma) to life. What is the real cost of traveling in Myanmar?

There are seven legends about traveling in Myanmar

When there is one thing I keep hearing about Myanmar, it is that the land is moving - and moving quickly. Go and go there now," said the folks, "before it's ruined". After spending almost a whole months in Myanmar in October 2015 exchanging tales with my recent travelers, I think things are indeed going quite quickly - at least from the point of view of overseas visitors.

The expectation of a different kind of transformation was also in the skies when we departed Yangon on the evening before the country's first "real" parliamentary elections. Myanmar's tourist industries in their present forms emerged in 2011, when Aung San Suu Kyi gave her boon to sustainable travel in the state.

Previously, many had boycotted Myanmar as a travel location because of the local politics. In spite of the recent societal problems, especially in connection with the Rohingya Muslim populations, who call the west of Myanmar their home, tourism is pouring into the state. This is a major turnaround in just 25 years.

Of course, the rapid rate of such changes stands in stark opposition to Myanmar itself - a relaxed, easy-going South-East Asia land where live is moving at its own rate. Because of this comparison - quickly shifting touristic surroundings, sluggish tempo in the countryside - it seems that there is now an abundance of false information and rumours about traveling in Myanmar.

We' ve been hearing all kinds of nosy rumors about what it's like for a stranger to be in Myanmar before we set off on our journey, mainly on the basis of distorted stories and outdated information. These are seven of the most famous Myanmar legends about traveling in Myanmar and the alternate truth I found during my journey from Mandalay to Yangon.

Travelling independently in Myanmar is secure and simple, and if you are interested in getting away from the touristic path (which is particularly well manned here), it is your best choice. We never thought:'Hm, that would have been simpler if we had had a guide'. It would have been out of the question even if we had tried to get ashore in Myanmar - the locals were far too kind and help.

Independent travels also have important consequences for traveling responsibly. You can further promote your tourist dollars and help your business by purchasing inns, small shops and dining in a variety of places. If I am traveling in a less-developed nation, I do not want my funds to go directly into the pockets of a multi-national group.

There' s another guidebook you can count on these few extra day, and I don't think you need that kind of one. No, where have I seen more donegeared specimens of Lonely Planet than on the roads of Myanmar. More than ever, travelers seem to be clinging to their Bible as if they need this to get somewhere - and that's just not it.

One Yangon native said that the information in Lonely Planet Myanmar is bound to be out of date when it comes out of the press. Like my mate Rodrigo, who was telling me that his cabin was disconnected from the track, and he ended up alone in the woods without anyone around him.

In Myanmar I was a little anxious to take long trips by means of local transportation, especially after I had read a few tales that reflected the general mood of the story above. Don't make a single error, the country's railway system is old, shaky and unbelievably sluggish - but what often is not appreciated by folks is that this is exactly the kind of railway system that is suitable for land transportation in Myanmar.

It seems that Mr 61 agrees, and after we read his report, we boarded the bandwagon without delay. Myanmar offers unbelievably low -cost rail services and that's how the local people get around. On the other side, the view to take the night coach made me much more shy. But, to be honest, the night coach from Bagan to Yangon, which travelled with JJ Busseses, was one of the most convenient cross-country trips I have ever made.

Can' t believe how many other folks are reporting! Adhere to the Kyat preference denomination issued at small denomination cash dispensers. In the wet and low seasons, overnight rates are almost certainly lower than in the high seasons, but there are far fewer travelers. We had to foot the bill for the equivalence of four without anyone taking part in our hike, even though we were only a couple.

Our journey through Myanmar was one of the high points of our journey. It is a typical delicacies and one should not be deterred by hygienic pranoism from tasting as much as possible of this lettuce, made from tomato, marinated tealeaves and many other tasty components.

Burma is not Thailand - where road meals in Chiang Mai or Bangkok are usually boiled in a blazing, germ-burning stir-fry, we found many of the Myanmar cuisine, especially curry casseroles, seated in hardly any hot crockery on a bank and just waited to be scooped up on a plate. Myanmar, the ideal occasion for the planned plan of a Sabbathical - not.

So I was ready for a WIFI-free vacation in Myanmar that I even leave my notebook at home. When you are not in the habit of reserving a room in advance, when you have a notebook or a cell phone, it is possible to do so during your stay in the outback. Myanmar is a sociopolitical environment that is complicated - far too complicated to get in here - but as a consequence of years of repression and civil commotion, you will often be told not to turn to the Myanmar population.

However, not only the humans are accessible and nervous to speak to a visitor, they often came to us first. They were generally too courteous to gaze, but photos - they have no embarrassment! Many of the famous Mandalay and Yangon temple were Selfies' hiking destinations. Burmese and Myanmar visitors, local residents - even friars and monastics - all wanted to take their picture with us, two particularly pale Europeans.

That didn't bother us - we actually found it very lovable, and we liked the chance to speak to the locals. When you speak to others - and I suggest you do so at every turn - what you are talking about is a different thing. Burmese are modest and friendly, but they are also proud of their land.

According to one writer, they want to know that outside Myanmar they are in people's minds - that they have not been forgot - and that aliens are interested in their life. Shortly before the November 2015 election, we found many individuals willing to talk to us about policy and share their view.

We' ve never pushed the issue, but it was always the locals who started these talks. My Myanmar was my high point of the year 2015. There was nothing to stop me from going to the countryside and I am really thankful. Have you scattered any myth of the way you travelled in Myanmar?

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