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Myanmar needs to keep cash clean. Why? Do you plan to take medication to Myanmar? In a difficult time in the country's history, Myanmar shows why travelling at the grassroots level is so important. Burma Travel Blog with up-to-date, honest advice, stories and information for your Myanmar adventure, Inc.

Pregnant women should therefore not travel to Burma (Myanmar).

Traveling in Myanmar: Plan my journey

I am going to Myanmar for the first in the next few week and I am really working on my journey there. This is the best season to come and see the land weather-wise, and I was asked to contribute about Bagan, Myanmar's response to Angkor Wat.

Unlike most other nations, however, a journey to Myanmar cannot be made simply by taking a pocket with clothing, your visa and your debit cards on the way out. The suppression of the army jungle that rules the land limits people' s freedoms and the daily routine of getting from one place to another becomes at best incalculable.

I already have a well-designed copy of Lonely Planet Myanmar, which I have read piece by piece in the last few month. From Bangkok I travel to the capitol Yangon, stay there for a few nights and discover the town and its surroundings, travel to Bagan, visit the temple, go up the Arrewady Creek to Mandalay by ferry and then from Mandalay I return to Yangon and Bangkok.

This should take 10 working nights and will give me more than enough to think about, both for the story and for the full shocks and reverence of going to another land for the first one. I will skip Inle Lake, one of the greatest attractions for travelers - I just don't have enough timeframe to do it, and the Bagan Temple must be my spot.

As I spend more to do less, I think I will be enjoying the things I get to see in Myanmar. After a few in the Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forums, I was able to get most of the important information I needed for my trip to Myanmar.

Obtain your visas a few working nights in advance from Myanmar's Bangkok Ambassador. Coming from Thailand is very inexpensive with AirAsia. com - Air travel between Bangkok and Yangon is about 2000 Baht per way, inclusive of tax. I mean, you can go just about anywhere in Myanmar if you want.

Please take along a book in German to give to the friars and all the others who ask for it. By not being screened by custom, visitors can take to Myanmar those who would not otherwise come here. There is the Yangon Savoy, the Bagan Thande and the Red Channel in Mandalay.

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