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Amanda's top tips for packing for a Burma adventure tour. Leap to Is Burma safe to visit? - The provision of medical care in Burma is very limited. The medical education in Burma rarely meets US standards. I don't know why I should go to Myanmar.

Journey to Burma (Myanmar) in the summer months

A trip to Burma or another Indochina region in the "green" period has manyavantages. There are five good reason why our Burmese experts have thought of why you should be traveling during this period. Due to the humid climate, our (British) summers are considered to be the "green" seasons for trips to Burma.

They want to question this awareness by list among their five most important causes why it is profitable to consider a journey not only to Indochina, but in general. Perhaps it's a good idea to consider Burma for your annual holiday? During the season, rainfall brings luxuriant verdant countryside and indigenous wildlife to live.

You will be able to admire the many icons in the peace and quiet that both you and she deserves. There are many streams, ponds and falls to be explored off the well-trodden paths and to take advantage of the most beautiful forms of play.

The first trip to Burma

Even though Snr. David Lovejoy is an experienced traveler and guides groups through Burma (Myanmar), nothing could prepare him for his first aerial flight over Sr. Bagan. Featuring gold Stupas piercing the skyline, an inhabited island with cream-white coastline and stylish places to put your heads (think of colorful mansions and five-star liners....) Burma was made for lovers.

Burma Travel: Deluxe Travel in Myanmar

The dramatic Myanmar (Burma) is the vision of an undaunted traveler. It is a place where ancient friars dressed in local lunggyi are worshipped, tens of thousand of religious stupa arise from shallow plain and swimming villages living on ebb's and flow over Lake Inle. There is no more striking target for a view of ancient Southeast Asia than this enigmatic nation, which has only allowed access to its frontiers to the West for a few years.

Yangon, the country's biggest town, is an enchanting blend of English, Myanmar, Chinese as well as Hindi cuisines. This is a deep Buddha religion where some of the most striking are in Yangon, such as the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Sule Pagoda.

Journey to Mandalay and discover places like monastic Mandalay Hill, a Buddhist sanctuary for almost two hundred years. Maybe the best way to relive the romanticism of colonization and see the daily reality of the Myanmar tribe is to cruise on the Irrawaddy Riviera - on board the new Sanctuary Ananda - to Bagan, get off at the temple and see live along the Rivers.

When Yangon and Mandalay are the cultural and commercial capital of Myanmar, then Bagan is the spiritual centre of the state. More than 2,000 coupe, stupa and temple punctuate the gold planes of Bagan - a unique view that can best be seen from above with a personal aeroplane that can be organised by A&K.

Further attractions are the Ananda Temple, the best conserved in the area, and Mount Popa, a breathtaking volume that also serves as a place of Buddhism as well.

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