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BKartA advises against all travel:. Authorisation to exceed these limits may be required in advance through a separate visa application procedure. Mysterious, Burma has retained its authenticity and simplicity. Burma has become an increasingly popular destination thanks to the new political course. Myanmar has become the biggest new destination and word is getting around that it is time to leave before things change too much.

Myanmar - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

You are advised to be very careful when travelling in Burma/Myanmar. It is not advisable to go to Rakhine State unnecessarily. It is not advisable to make unnecessary trips to the Thai, Laos or Chinese borders and to avoid unnecessary trips to the Kachin state. As there is no Irish embassy or consulate in Burma/Myanmar, we are restricted in the assistance we can provide in an emercent .

If you need help, however, you can call the Irish Embassy in Bangkok on +66 201 61360 (please send a clear note outside business hours). It is recommended that you get as much information as possible about Burma/Myanmar before your journey from agencies, tourist agencies, guides and web sites.

So if you have a problem, if you are in Myanmar, talk to your nearest contact, travel agent or hospitality manager. The EU Consular Protection Directive allows citizens of Ireland to request support from the embassy or consulate of another EU Member State in a Member State where there is no embassy or full-time mission.

Burma/Myanmar's policy environment is still unclear. Myanmar's residents should be careful and refrain from any demonstration or large meeting. All travelers are advised to refrain from such demonstration and to stay away from areas where large groups of demonstrators gather. Rakhine State is not recommended to go unnecessarily because of the tensions caused by serious riots in several places and the danger of the deterioration of the situation.

When you need to enter this area, please review the local conditions and blackout periods and comply with all directions. It is also not advisable to go to the Thai, Laos or Chinese borders and not necessarily to the state of Kachin. We have had armed conflicts in parts of Kachin State and Shan State, and you should be conscious of the dangers associated with the uncertainty in parts of Karen State.

Although there were no victims in these assaults, a number of individuals were wounded and the assaults themselves appear to be random, possibly in connection with the continuing racial tension throughout the state. Land mines present a danger in areas of tension, so be extremely careful when traveling in these areas.

Do not abandon the major roads, especially in the countryside, and always ask your regional representative before traveling to the affected area. They should take reasonable steps to prevent criminality in Myanmar: Don't collect your plastic cards, your trip cards and your funds - keep your currency and other valuable items in a secure place.

Only take your pass with you when it is strictly necessary and keep a copy of your pass (and your identity and health records ) with your home and your mates. In Myanmar, if you are a felony casualty, immediately notify the locals. When you plan to go to Myanmar, you should be very cautious.

Potholes, walkers, animals, deserted cars and cars that are driving and parking at nights without light also represent a risk. When you want to travel, please have your Ireland and abroad driving licences and make sure you have appropriate and appropriate cover. When you rent a car, we recommend that you do not give your pass as collateral.

Make sure that you have sufficient cover and see the small printed version of the rental agreement (especially the disclaimer that comes into force if the car is damaged). Most of Myanmar is a predominantly buddhistic nation and the Burmese take it very seriously. Recently there have been cases of arrests of overseas visitors for disregarding worship and so we recommend that you be careful and reasonable.

In Myanmar, although these legislation is hardly ever implemented in practise, gays are technologically unlawful. Burma can face severe meteorological events and seismic events. On 4 January 2016, a powerful 6.7 gauge quake hit northeastern India near the Burma/Myanmar and Bangladesh borders. Last on the Chinese frontier in April 2017.

When traveling to or residing in Burma/Myanmar, make sure you know what to do in the case of an quake. In case you are not sure which Burma/Myanmar regulations apply, ask your local tourist agency or the next Burma/Myanmar embassy or consulate.

Passports must be in force at least six month after arrival. Exit Myanmar through the same checkpoint you were at. Please ask your physician in good time before your trip if you need a vaccination for Burma/Myanmar. Myanmar's healthcare is much lower than Ireland's hospital and service providers.

Make sure you have good health care before you leave. Ministries of foreign affairs with local embassies in Burma/Myanmar may be able to supply more in-depth and up-to-date information as follows:

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