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Burma's government strictly controls travel to, from and within Burma. Everything you need to know when you travel to Myanmar (Burma). Traveling to Myanmar (Burma) has always been my fantasy...

. But actually I should have called this job "Myanmar, the land where I had my very first pancakes" and everything would have been said. In Myanmar (Burma), more specifically in the Cheriland in Bagan, where I had the first pancakes of my Iife.

Pancakes path. I would never have been in Thailand, but I never thought I would be in Myanmar. Okay, a pancakes, please. All you need to know when you travel to Myanmar. Myanmars (Burma's) Pancakes Path is Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay. Though Myanmar (Burma) is increasingly open to the tourist, there are still places that are not open to them.

Visum: To get a visas the simplest and quickest way is through the Myanmar Mission in Bangkok. Both require a visa: - You will also need a copy of your Myanmar (Burma) airline card, which will depart within 24 hours if you apply for an exp. com. Everything you need for the permit can be obtained around the border of the Swiss Federalassy.

From Bangkok to Yangon we reserved our flights with Air Asia four nights in advance paying 126 per group. From Sathorn Nua Road 132, the nearest Skytrain stop is Surasak, walk along Sathorn Road and you will already see the queue.

On weekdays you can request a student visas from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. At about 10 am we got there and had to waiting until midday to file our applications for a visas. Complete the questionnaire in the store around the corner, pick a number at the message and hold on until your number is used.

It' quicker than waiting in line to get the application blank at the message. You can collect your visas from 15:30. Then, go to the entrance desk on your voucher. Visas are for 3 month and one time entries for 28 day periods.

While the Bangkok Ambassador is the simplest and quickest way to get a Myanmar (Burma) permit, it takes at least a full working full working or two half working nights (for the rush visa), as the wait is always very long. All in Myanmar (Burma) is rapidly evolving at the present point in my life, I wouldn't be suprised if you could soon get cash from an ATM there.

Since you cannot get the Kyat local currency elsewhere, you will need to have US dollar. Not just any dollar. You tell them at the cash desk that you need the dollar for Myanmar (Burma) and they will get it. Once you have the bucks, handle them very cautiously.

Unless they are untouched, they may not be acceptable and then they are of no use to you in Myanmar (Burma). Tip: If you want to get US Dollar in Bangkok, I can advise you to use "Super Rich Money Exchange", just go to an nearest agency and ask in which agency you can get untouched Dollar.

There are now several ATM machines in Myanmar (Burma) (thanks to thirty thousand miles for the tip). They were either not except VISA or Mastercard, they were out of order or there was no more in it. When you arrive in Myanmar, Burma, you can simply change your bucks for Kyat. It may be worth exchanging some of the funds directly at the airfield, according to the flight arrivals times.

Prevent exchanging cash in and out of your local hospitality or illegal trade. All we did was paying the cab from the Yangon International to our Yangon resort and the Bagan flight in US dollar, everything else in Kyat. It is also possible to purchase some accommodations in US Dollar. It is best not to swap all your funds at once, but from case to case.

It' possible to convert Kyat back into US dollar before takeoff. All in all Myanmar (Burma) was more than we thought. Room prices have been doubling since last year (at least on the pancakes route). Offthepath's Sebastian has a detailled list of costs for Myanmar (Burma) on his blogs.

Although we went to Myanmar (Burma) just after Sebastian, we already payed about 10% more than he did for everything. Eating: In my view, eating in Myanmar (Burma) is nothing unusual. Roasted paddy, roasted pasta, pancakes, curry, bananas. The accomodation is more than one thinks and in contrast not really the price of it.

Myanmar (Burma) is a country of unbelievable friendliness, openness and interest. Go through the city with a big grin and you will have many beautiful meetings. You have several possibilities to move around Myanmar (Burma). In addition to an already reserved holiday which is the simplest way, you can also take an individual trip.

It' definitely the best and quickest way to visit Myanmar (Burma), but also the most costly. The Dana Moe Air Ticketing Center in Yangon is located next to the Central Hotel. It' fun to see how the agent books a plane because there are a lot of telephone conversations and you get a sheet of the plane and if that is what you want, you can have it.

By coach: You can also make your reservation through a tourist office, but we have always made reservations directly at ours. One coach trip is a 10th of the fare, but also ten fold more slowly.... And yes, all the horrors you've been hearing about Myanmar (Burma) coach trips are real.

Even though everything is rapidly moving at the present time, you don't have to get used to the idea of having a connection outside Yangon. Since things are moving so quickly in Myanmar, Burma, I would appreciate it if you could help me keep this guidebook up to date.

Do you have any other advice to know when travelling to Myanmar (Burma)?

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