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There are four best ways to get around Myanmar: by plane, boat, bus or train. Travelling by train can be exciting for younger travellers; both fantastic and (possibly) frightening. The days when you had to travel to an embassy in Myanmar to get a visa for entry are over. In general, traveling in Myanmar is fairly safe, with little to no violence or petty crime against foreigners.

In order to bring you closer to your destination, we use various transport options in Myanmar (Burma).

Traveling in Myanmar

There are four best ways to get around Myanmar: by plane, ship, coach or railway. Busses are less expensive, easier and quicker than coaches. Traveling by railway can be thrilling for younger travellers; both fantastic and (possibly) frightening. Traveling by plane in Myanmar is almost similar to traveling by coach in the West. It' quick and inexpensive to drive long distance, e.g. between Mandalay and Bagan or Yangon.

Myanmar Airways consists of several privately owned carriers and the state-owned Myanmar Airways. Please be aware that Myanmar Airways and Myanmar Airways International (MAI) are two different entities. Prevent Air Bagan with its old planes and Myanmar Airways because of its bad security situation. A 2-hour trip between Yangon and Mandalay with eight daily departures is the most traffic.

It' about $110. There are four internacional airfields in Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan and the capitol Naypyidaw. Please note: All April flight bookings are early due to the Thingyan Water Festival and Myanmar New Year. We recommend to make your booking with a tourist agency in time. Cruising down the Irrawaddy River (also written Ayeyarwady or Ayeyarwaddy), past five large towns, among them Bagan and Mandalay, is the most visited one.

For most travellers, the quick 9-hour cruise between Bagan and Mandalay is $43 per cruise. There are two moorings in Old Bagan and Nyaun-U. The boats are moored in different moorings depending on the level of sinking. Travelling by coach is the easiest and least expensive way to explore Myanmar.

Coaches are also the only way to reach certain areas without cars. Busses are less expensive and quicker than train. However, the roads can be frightening and busses often collapse. Most coaches are rejected from Japan, without TV and toilets. The majority of coaches are for both passenger and goods.

It' s usual that the bus seats the passenger and the bus is often behind in time. It is good to know that new and unusual V. I.P. bus services have been launched and have been used on main highways in recent years, as the state is developing better services for this area.

Please note: If you travel a long route with more than 8 hrs on the coach, air travel would be a better choice. During the Thingyan Water Festival (14th April to 16th April), busses can stop; only a few still travel. Travelling by rail in Myanmar can be considered the most adventurous of all.

It' a long process (16h between Yangon and Mandalay) and can be very unpleasant, with small sittings. Travellers with a low price or looking for a scenically attractive trip are most likely to opt for the railway. Most dependable connection is the Yangon to Mandalay Fast Lane service. One of the railway system's main challenges is to deal with flooding track and mechanics.

The journey time of the coaches is very different. Five seating categories are available: normal grade, first grade, top grade, default threshold and sill. Normal school places are available on every turn, while other categories are only available on certain tracks. And even the top -of-the-range chairs are sometimes stinky and sordid. Every track is assigned a number and the moves are either up ("North") or down ("South").

You should buy your ticket at least one full working days in front of the station. The price of the ticket is about 1,000 K or 10,000 K, according to seating category and duration. Premium seats are free for Myanmar friars to talk to. The Thingyan Water Festival in April is fully booked. Come and see us at the Thingyan Water Festival.

From 2014, train fares in Kyoto have been charged at the same tariff for residents and non-residents. Motorcycles are available, except in Yangon, where they are legal. Privately owned vehicles with the help of regional driver are the most pleasant and easy way to get around the most important places. Biking and hiking are favourite pastimes for international travellers.

There are some travellers who like to travel between Bagan and Mandalay. Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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