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We think of 21 unforgettable holidays in Myanmar on October 13th and we wonder how simple it is to travel through the countryside by public transportation, i.e. bus/train/air. It' s so simple to travel the countryside yourself, or is it simpler and better to take a trip from the town where you end up.

Hello Andrew, It's quite simple to discover the land alone, but it needs a little bit of your free day to learn about the city. Twenty-one is enough for you to go on your own without the help of a tour operator. While you can take the bus/train, Myanmar's roads are not in good shape.

In December/January I have no clue what the above mentioned passenger is referring to, as I spend a great deal of my travel experience with means of transportation (and rental cars with driver) and the streets were in very good state. So I took busses from Bagan~Magwe which were on Pyay then on Yangon and the streets were in good state.

Smelling like barf, but hey, that's for you! On the way to Golden Rock, Hpa An, Mawlayamine the streets are also in good state. When you are travelling very long journeys (for me that is over 8 h on the road), you should decide to take the flight.

In Myanmar, I used to love to fly. Getting on and off a coach was as straightforward and light in Myanmar. I' m sure that will be changing in the next few months/years and it will be as hard as anywhere else, but right now it's quite the same. It is very straightforward to organize your own transportation, and it is a great pleasure to experience different types of touring.

Long-haul journeys, especially over night, can be very fully reserved, so it is best to take the trains during the daytime. From Hsipaw to Mandalay and Thazi to Kalaw or Shwenyaung are particularly well. It is good to see a cruise like between Mandalay and Bagan - you don't have to make an advance booking.

On an ad-hoc base, this is easily arranged for exploration, e.g. the antique towns of Mandalay or around the Bagan Reef. There is definitely no need to take a trip. One good interim solution is to schedule your trip and make your hotel and domestic flight reservations through a Myanmar-based traveler.

We' re not young anymore, so sometimes it gets a little tiring, but we still like to be old age travellers!

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